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Let me start this with my backstory, sorry for the novel! I have natural very blonde almost platinum hair. I am super careful about where I swim because most public pools do more harm than it’s worth to my hair. My moms pool is always my safe pool, they know the levels to keep the green out of my hair. I haven’t had to worry about green hair since I was in my teens. 2 weeks ago, I swam at my moms pool on her opening weekend. I swam for a couple of hours, got out, let it air dry for a couple hours, then got back in and swam for a few more hours. When I got out, my mom said “you’re hair is green!” It was BAD. She checked her copper levels and they were all off, which is why it turned it green. It was almost neon-ish! I started researching products to get it out. A full 7 days later after I got this in and was able to try this, I used the shampoo, condition, and crystals ONE TIME, exactly how they said and IT WORKED. My hair was completely back to platinum and not a trace of green in it! This was a full week after I swam, I had washed and dried my hair twice in that week. I was SHOCKED!! I am a full believer and fan and I have told everyone about this stuff!! My hair feels a touch dryer than normal but I’m not sure if that’s from the pool chemicals or this set. Either way, it’s not enough to put me off from it. I used a deep mask and it’s almost back to normal! If you have blonde hair, I HIGHLY recommend this!!

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