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1 in 59 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

More than 1,000 cases of autism are diagnosed in Minnesota each year.

More individuals and families than ever are touched by autism. While most of us know the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is on the rise, many still know little about autism.

What is autism?

Autism is a lifelong brain disorder that makes it hard to communicate and interact with others. Children with ASD often start to fall behind on developmental milestones and may lose speaking or social skills.

Individuals with autism often have trouble forming relationships and may take longer to process conversation. Many find repeated behaviors, like hand flapping or rocking, comforting. It is important to remember every individual with autism is unique. It’s called autism spectrum disorder because people experience a range and severity of symptoms.

Signs of autism can appear when a child is a few months old, or may not appear until a child is much older. Children may show signs of ASD, but may not actually have it. That is why having your child evaluated is so critical.

Increase of ASD

Many wonder why more children are being diagnosed with autism. One of the biggest reasons is the improved identification of symptoms. In the past, ASD was diagnosed as a variety of other conditions. Because parents and clinicians are now more knowledgeable about what autism is, it’s diagnosed more frequently. Autism awareness has also increased because of organizations like Fraser.

How Fraser Can Help

Fraser is the largest and most experienced provider of autism services in Minnesota. At the Fraser Autism Center of Excellence®, we understand each individual and family is different, so we customize plans to maximize outcomes. With over 30 unique autism services, Fraser has a depth and range of services few other organizations can match. The Fraser Autism Center of Excellence® is for individuals of all ages with autism.

Fraser offers these autism services:

Early Intervention and Lifelong Support

The earlier a child is diagnosed with autism, the better opportunity there is to positively affect his or her development. Studies show early intervention leads to better outcomes and helps children prepare for school. Children can learn how to play and interact with other children, family and adults.

However, even individuals diagnosed later in life can make gains at any point, if they receive the right support. That is why Fraser serves individuals with autism from birth through adulthood.

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