Find Drug & Alcohol Treatment Centers, Rehab & Detox in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Jacksonville, North Carolina is one of the fastest-growing small towns in the United States. As home to the U.S. Marine Corps Camp Lejeune and the New River Air Station, Jacksonville is a magnet for military families, and has also been designated the youngest city (by age of its population) in the United States. In addition to the many employment opportunities and a burgeoning economy from the influx of military families, Jacksonville has a coveted location in close proximity to North Carolina’s famed Outer Banks, which offer plenty of recreational choices for the people who live there.

As with any community that has a particularly large population of young people, Jacksonville wrestles with a drug use culture. While there are multiple substances at play, local police blame heroin and prescription opiates, particularly, for the deaths of local citizens due to drug overdose. In fact, in 2016, there were two heroin overdose deaths within two hours of one another, and in 2017, there have already been multiple drug busts for trafficking offenses.

Drug and alcohol addictions are serious diseases. And if people don’t feel that they have the freedom to speak up about their struggles, lives may continue to be harmed by the impact of drugs and alcohol. As with any alcohol misuse problem, confronting addiction with the right alcohol treatment in Jacksonville can make all the difference in the world.

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