HyProCure: Treatment to Alleviate Foot Pain and Hyperpronation

The HyProCure procedure helps resolve a number of chronic conditions caused by misalignment of the bones between the ankle and heel. This misalignment causes lowered arches or flat feet (also known as overpronation and hyperpronation).

When the bones are properly aligned, the body propels forward easily when walking. Your weight rolls naturally from heel, to arch, to toe. The misalignment that causes flat feet or lowered arches, however, typically creates gait abnormalities. This is because the condition causes an inward rotation that places excess strain on the foot. This may lead to soft tissue damage, chronic pain, and dysfunction. The extent of dysfunction depends on the degree of overpronation.

In addition to foot pain, hyperpronation often leads to posture issues and pain in the back, neck, shoulders, and head. Traditionally, doctors relied on conservative treatment options like custom orthotics to treat flat feet. HyProCure allows your podiatrist to treat the underlying cause of your issue – the misalignment between ankle and foot – to provide a permanent solution.

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