Paraphimosis in Children: Care Instructions

Your Care Instructions

Paraphimosis (say “pair-uh-fy-MOH-suss”) is a problem with the skin on your child’s penis. The skin that folds over the penis (foreskin) gets tight and sticks behind the head of the penis. The skin can’t return to its normal place over the head of the penis.

This only happens in boys who still have all or part of their foreskin.

This problem needs to be treated right away. If it’s not treated, the penis will swell. Blood to the head of the penis may be cut off. This can damage the penis. And it can be very painful.

Your doctor probably reduced the swelling and put the foreskin in its normal place. Your doctor may have done surgery if the problem was severe.

Your doctor may suggest that your child be circumcised. This can prevent the problem from happening again.

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