17 Best Sales Management Software to Help Your Team Close More Deals

The function of a sales rep does n’t just entail selling. It besides requires reps to manage touch data, update lead and customer records, collaborate with early reps and team leads, and handle a variety of extra administrative and relationship-related tasks .
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To free up the calendars of your sales reps so they can spend more time focusing on your leads and customers, enlist the support of sales management software .

Sales Management Software

Sales management software is used by salesperson to manage and record their daily activities and keep track of their pipelines, contacts, quotas, and more.

It ‘s besides used by sales managers and leaders to identify trends, growth opportunities, and team wins ampere well as oversee rep onboarding, coaching, and motivation .

Benefits of Sales Management Software

  • Centralized and accessible data. 
  • Streamlined team communication and collaboration. 
  • An accurate view of your customers. 
  • Sales rep performance reports. 
  • Few manual data entries. 
  • Automate sales rep workflows. 
  • Accurate sales forecasts and inventory management. 
  • Lead source ROI. 

Best Software for Sales Management

ready to find out which sales management software is correctly for you ? Let ‘s explore the best options .

note : Despite the succeed 17 sales management tools being split into two categories ( free and gainful tools ), many of the detached sales management tools besides offer paid plans for scaling SMB and enterprise businesses .

Free Sales Management Software

best sales management software: hubspot crm
Price : free CRM ; $ 45/ moment ( Starter ), $ 1600/ missouri ( Professional ), $ 5,000/ molybdenum ( Enterprise )
winder Features :
HubSpot ‘s all-in-one CRM platform is built differently in order to help scale businesses — whether you ‘re an SMB or enterprise business — originate better .
The CRM combines knock-down tools including Sales Hub ( which we ‘ll cover in more detail next ), Marketing Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub, and Operations Hub to serve as a single source of truth when it comes to everything about your customers .
With platform-wide automation, report, integrations, and easy-to-use drug user have ( UX ), your team ( second ) will have everything needed to focus on your customers and provide a remarkable experience .
pro peak : Use HubSpot ‘s all-in-one CRM platform to increase leads, accelerate sales, streamline customer avail, or build a powerful web site .
best sales management software: hubspot sales hub
Price : Free, $ 45/ moment ( Starter ), $ 450/mo ( Professional ), and $ 1,200/ moment ( Enterprise )
key Features :
Although the HubSpot CRM platform is an all-in-one joyride, you can use Sales Hub solo as a powerful sales management software .
besides similar to HubSpot ‘s CRM, you can select to use Sales Hub ‘s free-forever tools or ascent to one of the Sales Hub paid plans .
release Sales Hub users have access to a live old world chat, colloquial bots, team e-mail, sales database, quotes, calling, and sales reports .
meanwhile, paid Sales Hub users have access to more productiveness and automation tools. These include meet schedule, custom properties, hand pipeline, goals, bode, ABM tools, sequences, quotes, calling, and more .
No matter which Sales Hub design you move forward with, you ‘ll have the power to improve the sales march, increase productivity among reps, and streamline the buyer ‘s travel .
pro tip : Get the all-in-one HubSpot Sales Hub platform to help your sales team close up more deals, intensify relationships with your leads and customers, and manage the sales grapevine more efficaciously .
bitrix24 crm example of sales management software
Price : Free ; $ 17/ moment ( Start+ ), $ 41.40/ moment ( CRM+ ), $ 41.40 ( Project+ ), $ 59.40/ moment ( Standard ), $ 114.40/ missouri ( Professional )
winder Features :
Bitrix24 CRM offers activity timelines and pipeline management in a kanban view. Review which customers bought what and any customer ‘s purchase history .
You can segment your customers and hearing based on their purchases, sales volume, and more. The instrument besides provides call track, built-in calling with unlimited entrance and outbound lines, and undertaking management tools .
kiite: best sales management software:
Price : free
key Features :
Kiite is a personalize hub run on artificial intelligence ( AI ) that can help sales teams create playbooks from your front-runner resources and your internal contentedness .
With the capability to organize cognition by criteria such as erect, caller size, or tax, your team will be able to share and find data quickly and well, all via a single repository .
taimer: best sales management software
Price : Free ; €13/ moment ( Sales CRM ), €16/ moment ( Project Management ), €26/ moment ( ERP )
key Features :
Taimer positions itself not just as a sales CRM but besides as a clientele management and professional services automation ( PSA ) solution. Its features range from contact management to sales quotes, expensing, and team chew the fat .
This solution is perfective for exclusive proprietors who need a influence management solution, and Taimer ‘s yield options are great for smaller teams .
best sales management software: flowlu
Price : Free ; $ 29/ molybdenum ( Team ), $ 59/ molybdenum ( Business ), $ 119/ moment ( Professional )
key Features :
Flowlu is a occupation management software that offers touch management across your sales process through a ocular and easy-to-read interface .
With full-funnel breakdowns, you ‘ll get a clear idea of performance and efficiency at each stage of your organization. Flowlu besides offers project, finance, payment, and records management tools to make your team more productive .
gamifier: best sales management software:
price : release ; $ 5/ missouri ( Starter ), $ 11/ moment ( Essential ), $ 21/ moment ( Advanced ), request a quotation ( Enterprise )
key Features :
Gamifier is a sales gamification software to help you boost individual team-wide esprit de corps and motivation .
The instrument seamlessly integrates with your CRM, such as HubSpot, to help you organize and manage your sales process and then gamify that sales process for your reps. This helps you increase rep productiveness and encourage some goodly rep contest .

Paid Sales Management Software

best sales management software: freshworks crm
Price : $ 29/ moment ( Growth ), $ 59/ missouri ( Pro ), $ 99/ moment ( Enterprise )
cardinal Features :
Freshworks CRM ( once Freshsales ) is a sales CRM that allows you to view and manage all of your customer data in one topographic point. It tracks customer information so you can segment your audience based on demographics, alone traits/characteristics, past conversations, and more.

early luminary features are AI-based contribute marking, earphone, e-mail, and action capture. The CRM stores relevant notes and reminds you of tasks and manages follow-ups .
best sales management software: workbooks.com sales crm
Price : $ 34/ moment ( CRM ), $ 71/ molybdenum ( Business ), $ 152/ molybdenum ( Events )
key Features :
Workbooks.com is a sales CRM chopine that besides includes solutions for market, order serve, and customer service .
The sales management functionality includes the ability to track activeness, automatize workflows, bode accurately, record all customer interactions, and integrate with Outlook, Office 365, Google apps, and more .
best sales management software: vanillasoft
Price : $ 80/ missouri ( Base Platform ) ; ( specific feature of speech add-ons available at extra cost )
key Features :
VanillaSoft simplifies sales employment for inside sales teams by offering tools like lead management, auto-dialing for calls, call recording, coherent branch script, lead route, and more .
Automate workflows to save clock time and use queue-based lead workflows to identify your adjacent most-qualified lead. Cadence automation besides makes it easier to manage communication ( Call, electronic mail, SMS ) allowing for a fast sales bicycle .
best sales management software: mindtickle
Price : Request a quote .
key Features :
MindTickle is a sales enablement platform that offers solutions for sales onboarding, coaching, and continuous teach and skill development .
Analyze your team ‘s capabilities to identify any skill gaps. Keep your team engaged and motivated to learn and excel with points, badges, and leaderboards .
best sales management software: ambition
Price : Request a quote .
key Features :
Ambition is an enterprise sales management solution with scorecards and KPI traverse, gamification features, sales coaching sessions, and dashboard software ( which provides automated sales alerts and insights ) .
Data-driven sales coaching ensures sales leaders are providing the most accurate and actionable feedback for reps. Ambition besides syncs with your CRM and other sales tools for easy record-keeping and access to all of your sales data .
best sales management software: Gryphon Networks
Price : Request a quote .
identify Features :
Gryphon Networks is a sales intelligence platform. Sales leaders can view synergistic dashboards of all sales and selling activities and compare operation against goals and across salesperson, teams, and offices .
capture sales activeness data across sales reps and technologies in ordain to get an accurate visualize of what works and what does n’t — this allows you to establish accountability and bus to an exacting standard .
best sales management software: leveleleven
Price: Request a quote .
keystone Features :
LevelElevan is a sales management system that helps sales leaders motivate, engage, and coach their sales team to achiever. The software allows sales leaders to create contests for their teams and reward the sales behavior they ‘d like their salesperson to repeat .
The sales coaching solution tracks key operation indicators ( KPIs ) for each salesperson so managers are able to offer coaching and provide actionable tips .
best sales management software: hoopla
Price : Request a quote .
key Features :
Hoopla is a motivational platform for your sales team. It has a user-friendly interface and integrates with early sales applications used by your team so all rep data is easily accessible and centrally stored .
Recognize employees by sharing their achievements, track build up toward goals, revolutionize sales collaboration, and create sales contests to keep the team motivated and focused on converting leads into patriotic customers .
best sales management software:: spinify price : Request a quote .
key Features :
Spinify is a sales dashboard for both little and enterprise businesses meant for motivating your sales team .
You can easily set up competitions and ensure they ‘re visible by your team via television, desktop, mobile app, and even Microsoft Teams. Your team can work in concert towards team-wide goals and see progress towards those targets in real-time .
Coaching tools exist to help you understand team strengths and weaknesses and adjust as needed and gamification badges and tiers keep your team motivated .
You can integrate Spinify with your CRM, including HubSpot, and other sales tools to ensure your data is up-to-date and as
best sales management software: quotapath
price : spare for individuals, plan for Teams starting $ 324/ year/ seat, tiered pricing for Enterprise .
key Features :
QuotaPath helps sales teams customize complete recompense plans and forecast gross on a single dashboard. The instrument besides gives you the ability to automate calculations and data entry to give sales reps back some time they can refocus on prospects .
You can besides integrate QuotaPath with HubSpot to pull in your CRM and sales records ( e.g. cope, company, liaison, etc. ) so they count towards your earnings in QuotaPath .

Find the Right Sales Management Software for Your Team

With the correct sales management software, you ‘ll be able to provide direction for your sales team, increase productiveness, and identify opportunities for increase. Start by identifying the benefits that you need from your tool of choice, and then review their features and price to identify the right option for your sales team .
Editor ‘s eminence : This mail was originally published in May 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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