Best live streaming software

Other considerations

Network bandwidth

Always remember to test your network upload bandwidth. No topic how good the software is, it won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to help you if you have poor Internet connectivity. possibly your computer is capable of well pushing out 20 Mbps, but your network upload amphetamine is only 10 Mbps. Your viewers are likely to experience shed frames and buffering. A good rule to remember is that your upload bandwidth should be at least 1.5x greater than the bitrate. Finding the arrant bitrate by balancing streaming resolution and frame rate comes with practice .

Streaming software system requirements

If you ’ re using live pour software on your computer, you ’ ll indigence to consider each software ’ second system requirements. minimum requirements are the lowest settings at which the platform will technically run, but you ’ ll need extra resources if your calculator has other applications and processes running in the backdrop. Our recommendation is to constantly go a few notches higher than minimum .
ideally, we suggest using hardware to offset the encoding process from your computer. For smaller be productions using streaming software, you can use a plug-and-play 4K capture calling card to bring in and help encode your HD sources. Or if you need to stream a single HDMI source to YouTube or Facebook, you can use a give Webcaster X2 encoder. Stream to social media using Pearl-2For larger live productions, we recommend using a dedicated all-in-one live production appliance, such as

How to choose streaming software

For larger bouncy productions, we recommend using a dedicated all-in-one live production appliance, such as Pearl-2, which contains everything you need to create engage and professional-quality be productions in resolutions up to 4K.

There are many choices out there, and it can seem intimidating. here are a few general tips to keep in mind when selecting streaming software .

  • How reliant are you on tech support? Do you feel comfortable tinkering around in the software, configuring things on your own, and looking for answers online? If so, consider OBS.
  • How much are you willing to invest?
  • How knowledgeable are you about streaming?
  • Which features do you really need? Are you planning to stream to multiple destinations, invite guests into your stream, add overlays? Are you going live in 720p or 4K? Pay close attention to the software feature set and only pay for what you use.
  • What is your primary use case?
    • Streaming video games? Look at XSplit and Streamlabs OBS.
    • Just getting started? Play with OBS and online tutorials.
    • Planning professional live productions of news, sports events, concerts, etc? Consider Wirecast and vMix.
    • Streaming on the go a lot? Consider Lightstream Studio.
  • How powerful is your existing hardware? If the answer is “not very,” consider investing in streaming hardware.

In conclusion

indeed to answer the original wonder – which is the best pour software in 2019 ? The suffice depends on your needs as a live streamer. many factors play a function in deciding which streaming software to use ( see general advice above ). What ’ sulfur ideal for one person, might not be ideal for another. We recommend reviewing each live streaming software in detail and making a decision on the solution that ’ s right for you. Take advantage of the free trial versions to figure out what each software is all about .
To learn more about the best streaming software in 2019, check out our live @ Epiphan episode below where hosts George and Dan cover the topic in more detail .

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