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Be Patient!!!

I am half way through my 3rd month now, and the results are wonderful!! I’m 29 years old, and about a year ago, I noticed that I was loosing more hair than usual. I could not run my fingers through my hair without having at least one hair fall out. I started doing research on premature hair loss for women, and found many things I could change about my hair routine, vitamin intake, and diet that could help me with controlling my issue. I was patient and consistent, but the problem got worse and I got scared. I went to my doctor, and she could not find anything health wise wrong with me, however, she did recommend this product.
I have been taking this product for about 2 1/2 months now and I’m absolutely blown away. The first month, I did not see any changes in hair growth, but I did notice within the first week, my hair loss was minimum. I’m talking about going from a handful of hair in my shower drain, to maybe ten at most. Now, I might find three or four hairs in my drain after I wash my hair. The second month, I started noticing my hair looked and felt a lot healthier. I should add that I also started taking GNC womens daily vitamins, been eating more protein, drinking more water, working out, and switched my shampoo/ conditioner to Loreal daily repair 5, and I feel this has contributed to my success with viviscal. Now on my third month, and the hair growth is very noticeable. My hair also looks and feels thicker!!! I’ve read a lot of reviews on this product, and noticed some reviewers giving up after the first month because their hair did not grow 6 inches. Ladies, lets be realistic, also, be patient!! If you really want to get your hair back to a healthy state, there is not a magic pill to do that. You have to look at other factors that could be contributing to your hair issues. I can not wait to see how my hair looks after a year of taking viviscal. It really works!! hang in there. Give it at least 3 months to see dramatic results and be healthy all around. Good luck ladies!!

Most Helpful Critical Review

overpriced – don’t buy this

If you take Biotin, Zinc, and Iron supplements you will get more or less the same results as what you get with this product… at a fraction of the price!

Add Vitamin C and/or a women’s multivitamin and you’re good as gold.

Don’t be fooled into thinking you have to go to the poor house to get your hair back! Read the label re: active ingredients and create your own vitamin regimen at a fraction of the price.

I’m not sold on the shark/mollusk powder (which you CAN’T get from the vitamin supplements listed above) being key to success… you can substitute cod liver oil (for example) for similar results.

Reviewed by 335 customers



Pat from Pa

Only started my second month of use. Seems to be making a difference. We will see after 3 months. At this time I will continue to use fingers crossed.

Love ❤️ you need to get this for growing your hair naturally


Cc from Washington DC

You will see growth if you take it daily! 💙❤️💜

Reduced hair loss from co vid


Robin from Northville Michigan

I noticed results within a month meaning my excessive hair fall out stopped. And right now it’s back to normal. I wouldn’t say my hair is growing back it just made it stop falling out, also anything I lasered is coming back. I believe this works at the follicle which is great. I do take extra biotin with it so my hair can grow in length.

Didn’t see a difference


Deanna from New York

Honestly didn’t see a difference used it for 6 months. Also tastes and smells gross

Definitely works!


Ari from Los Angeles

I’ve been using this product for about 6 months now. My hair and lashes are growing fast. My lash lady asked what product I use because my lashes grow out so fast. I would def recommend. I use them twice a day and I’m pretty consistent.

Upset my guts


Alicia from Virginia

I used this product for less than a week so I don’t know if it helps hair growth. The particular iron supplement made me constipated. If you have any kind of bowel disease you probably should avoid these.

I would give less than 1 star if I could


Lk from Frisco, TX

This product was a waste of time and money. I have been using it for more than 6 months with no changes to my hair what so ever. Such a disappointment!

The pill is easy to shallow and WORKS!


Karli from Houston, TX, USA

So it’s important to note that I took 1 pill once a day. I guess I didn’t read the instructions. It took sometime, but my hair stopped failing out in the shower. I could cry I am so happy!!! I am going to buy again and try going by the directions maybe, I will get better results.

It does work


Zoomzoom27 from Lodi, CA

My nails have gotten so long and strong because of these, and my hair has been showing some growth. Only con is the tablets are big and have a weird aftertaste.

On my 2nd box


Em from Michigan

I am on my 2nd box but did not see any difference in my hair. my shedding is still as bad.

It works!


Joni from Florida

I’m 64, and was alarmed at the amount of hair in the shower drain when I washed my hair. There was a noticeable decrease in that amount after taking this product. I tried vitamins, biotin, etc., but went back to Viviscal as they didn’t work. I know it’s expensive, but it really does work for me!

Made my hair fall out.


Desertrose129 from Kansas

The first 2 weeks of use I noticed some of my baby hairs growing a bit longer as well as my lashes but then I began to notice my hair falling out excessively that’s never happened before. When my 3 month supply was all gone my hair stopped falling like it didn when I was taking the supplement. My sister is going through the same thing now after using Vivscal and her hair loss is even worse. I told her to stop using it immediately.

Contains SHARK ???


SonomaBunny from Sonoma County

I cannot imagine who decided to use shark in this formula. Shame on the manufacturing company. Check the ingredients. If you have hair loss from thyroid issues, adding “marine” products (typically kelp) is going to make your situation worse. And I personally would rather lose some hair than kill sharks.

Anyone else notice the smell “down there”?


BeachBum from NC

I’ve taken this for 3 months with absolutely no improvement to my hair. If anything, it’s even thinner. But what I DID notice is a very offensive odor when using the restroom. The odor went away within 3 days of taking the last Viviscal tablet. I’m pretty sure it’s related to the shark content in the pill. It was very offensive, which added insult to the fact that it didn’t work. Complete waste of money. I will research further.



Rose from Chicago

I was doubtful at first but decided to say it works and it does! My hair stylist is like what are you taking? Your hair is growing!! 🙂 after 60 days I really noticed and now after 4 months my new hair growth is like 5-6 inches long already, I’m not stopping. I started with exactly as the package said for 90 days and now I do just one a day.

So wanted this to work!


JennB from Alabama

I bought this in hopes of a miracle. But, unfortunately for me it just wasn’t meant to be. After two weeks I developed my first ever case of gout. Not sure what was going on I went to the doctor and was diagnosed. After going through any diet and medication changes I was told that the high dosage of AminoMar was the culprit! So, after discontinuing Viviscal and taking a dose of steroids I’m pain free. I guess I’ll just have thin hair from now on.

Actually works


S from U.S.

I’ve been using Viviscal for about 6 months now and it’s the only thing that works. I’ve tried every trick I heard of to get my hair back to where it was (lots of thinning and loss in 2020). Biotin didn’t work, collagen didn’t work, all kinds of different oils you could think of didn’t work, a certain Australian growth shampoo made my hair more damaged than it was before I started using it. I tried rogaine after speaking to a dermatologist but didn’t have any bald spots so didn’t notice a difference. Finally I tried this as a last ditch effort and I was so happy something finally worked. The shedding is back to normal shedding and I don’t have to unclog my shower drain all the time. My hair is growing and more importantly the thickness is back!! It does have that fishy taste but if you take it was a lot of water then you don’t notice it as much. I’m really happy with the results and my stylist is amazed too.

Stick with it


Maria from New York

I have thin curly hair and it was shedding horribly. Basically I thought I was going bald and I was trying everything. I have been taking these pills for about 7 months now. They do work but it takes time. Around month 4, my hair stopped falling out. It sheds but nothing like before. I think it takes time for it to build up in your system. Now I am afraid to stop using it because I am afraid my hair will start to fall out again. So I keep buying it each month, but boy I am racking up the Ulta reward points. It had also made my hair grow like crazy. My hair dresser can’t believe how long my hair had gotten. I don’t think it’s thicker but it is longer. So don’t give up if your hair is still shedding after the first or second month. Give this product at least 3 months. I think it needs time to build up in your system and then you will see results like I have.

Stronger Hair


None from Louisville, Ky

I was introduced to Viviscal by my Endocrinologist a few years ago as a hair strengthening supplement. It has helped minimize my hair loss and I continue to use it daily.

It Works!!!!


ginasrey from Paradise Valley, AZ

Great vitamins!! They actually work but take as directed on box. You will get desired results!!

FISHY taste


Kate from Long Island

Only started using this, bought it during the sale. I do not eat fish, and find this vitamin, which I knew contained fish, to actually taste like fish. I can tolerate it, but will not buy again just for the taste.

Great product!


ALsunshine from Florence,AL

You have to take this twice a day for it to work like it’s supposed to. If you do this you will definitely see results.

I love love 💕 this product. My hair grows so fast!


Cc from Maryland

I take 1 pill in the am

Thicker Hair/Reduce Shedding


Jamie from TX

I didn’t necessary buy this product for hair growth, but I brought the vitamins for shedding and thickness. I was experiencing stress and my hair was coming out in clumps. I started taking these vitamins. I waited 2 months and I noticed my shedding reduced. My hair became thicker as well. It was an added bonus that my hair growth was faster than normal after using it for 3 months.

I would buy this product again.


Susan from Stockton

The hair supplement is 2 pills a day.

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