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In general, job interviews have somewhat strict dress code. For most jobs, it is expected that you show up wearing suit or professional skirt. You should be clean and smell great! Your clothes should be pressed and without stains, because to some extent how you look can be a reflection of your personal life, and first impression counts.

Part of looking professional requires you to make some sacrifices. One of these sacrifices may be your hair color. If you have extreme hair color, it’s important for you to think about whether you want to first dye your hair back to a “natural” color before your job interview.

Pink Hair is Cool But Can be Too Risky? (obviously a conservative point of view)

The corporate world expects a lot from its employees. Part of those expectations relate to how they expect the employee to present themselves in public and in the workplace. For example, if you show up to the job interview with extreme colored hair, the employer may interpret it differently and their first impression about you may not work in your favor:

  • They may wonder about how you could easily fit in the company’s culture (if it’s a conservative company)
  • They may see you as potentially disruptive not in a positive light
  • They may see you as attention seeking in a non-productive way

Whatever the interviewer’s view about hair color, they don’t know you and you don’t know them. Any hair color that doesn’t look too natural could be too risky for your job interview depending on who you’re interview with. Perhaps a safer approach could be that once you are employed and have had an opportunity to gauge the company’s environment and culture, then you can decide on how you want to dress and look, including the color of your hair. Until then, it is important that you present yourself in a way that doesn’t leave any doubts in the employer’s mind about hiring you.

Some Exceptions

In some instances there will be jobs that want you to present yourself in a way that is unique. We can’t tell you which companies are more open to unique expressions. You’d have to research the company before you go to the job interviews. You can gauge whether this is appropriate by viewing the employees already working at these locations. If the company seems conservative in a sense that there seems to be a common corporate dress code, then you can decide on what conservative attire or hair color is appropriate for the job interview.

Take Away Interview Tips

  • Unusual, extreme hair colors can work against you at the job interview (it depends on the company and the job, so do your research).
  • After you’ve done a company research, then decide how you want to present yourself (pink hair or not).
  • Limit any potential doubt in the employer’s mind about hiring you.
  • Maybe pink hair matters. Maybe it doesn’t matter. Just remember that they’re also interviewing many other candidates so it’s to your advantage to know the company interviewing you.
  • Don’t forget to demonstrate the value you bring to the business and why they should hire you.


Some of you reading this post may disagree with its seemingly conservative view. Most of the time, appearance matters at job interviews. Depending on who you’re interview with, sometimes it doesn’t matter. Job interviewing is a competitive game and you’re competing against other candidates. Before you rock up the interview, you should have done your research about the company, its culture, and the role you’re applying for. Maybe pink hair matters, maybe it doesn’t. Do the background homework, and most importantly demonstrate the value you bring to the employer. At the end of the day, it’s your life and getting a job is part of living. Always be yourself and do what you think is right for you to be comfortable with yourself.


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