Top 17 Liberty Mutual Flood Insurance Reviews

Original review: Sept. 24, 2017

After Hurricane Harvey had flooded Texas and my new home, and after the road was clear to get to the property, I promptly called the flood hotline and spoke with someone about getting an adjuster over to assess the flood damage. In 2 days an adjuster shows up and photographs everything and does a complete evaluation of the property inside and out. After he left he returned about 30 minutes later to tell me that he has specific instructions to look at my roof and nothing else. All the pictures he took and the evaluation that he made was thrown away. Now here it is a month later and I’m STILL trying to get an adjuster over to my house. I’ve spent all my money and I have no choice but to move back into the house which still has yet to be looked at. Every phone call I get apologies but no results.

My family keeps asking me what’s happening and what’s going to happen to us and what about the baby and where is he supposed to sleep and all I can say is “I don’t know” and “I’m waiting for someone to call me back” which, by the way, I keep having to call and I hear rustling around in the background as they’re looking for anything related to me. Never mind that I had an appointment to wait for a phone call at a specific time. We were able to rent an apartment for a month so that things could be done while we were away but that time has passed. It could all be done by now if that one adjuster would have had his report filed but we were screwed instead. That really hurt us. We lose!

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