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1. Cushing Syndrome | Hypercortisolism | MedlinePlus


Date Submitted: 02/17/2020 07:41 AM

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Summary: Cushing’s Syndrome (Hypercortisolism) is a rare hormonal disorder caused by over exposure to the hormone, Cortisol. Lab tests can show if you have it.

Match with the search results: Newer medications for Cushing syndrome include pasireotide (Signifor), given as a twice-daily injection, and osilodrostat (Isturisa), a pill….. read more

Cushing Syndrome | Hypercortisolism | MedlinePlus

2. Cushing’s Disease | The Pituitary Foundation


Date Submitted: 10/01/2021 09:07 PM

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Summary: Cushing’s disease describes the condition resulting from too much exposure to steroid hormones.

Match with the search results: Cushing syndrome can develop from taking oral corticosteroid medications, such as prednisone, in high doses over time. Oral corticosteroids may ……. read more

Cushing's Disease | The Pituitary Foundation

3. Medical Treatment of Cushing’s Disease: An Overview of the Current and Recent Clinical Trials


Date Submitted: 03/16/2020 02:38 AM

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Summary: Cushing’s Disease (CD) is an endocrine disorder caused by an ACTH-secreting pituitary adenoma, with consequent chronic hypertcortisolemia due to excessive adrenal gland stimulation. CD presents a severe clinical burden, with an higher mortality rate compared to healthy population and a reduced quality of life. Neurosurgery represent the first-line therapy, but unfortunately disease persistence or recurrence may occur in up to 30% of patients. Among second line treatments, medical therapy is gradually gaining importance as a therapeutic option, although the current medical treatment are unable to reach optimal efficacy and safety profile. Therefore, new drugs and new formulation of already available drugs are currently under clinical investigation in worldwide clinical trials, in order to assess their effects in CD treatment. In the current review, we will provide a summary the currently available evidences from on-going and recently finished clinical trials on CD all over the world, with a specific focus on preliminary data.

Match with the search results: The Second-line Treatment of Cushing’s Disease. Repeat pituitary surgery. Pituitary radiotherapy. Adrenal surgery. The Medical Therapy of Cushing’s Disease….. read more

Medical Treatment of Cushing's Disease: An Overview of the Current and Recent Clinical Trials

4. Medical Treatment of Cushing’s Disease


Date Submitted: 11/14/2020 07:01 PM

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Summary: AbstractContext:. Cushing’s disease (CD) is associated with serious morbidity and, when suboptimally treated, an increased mortality. Although surgery is the fi

Match with the search results: Treatment for Cushing’s syndrome depends on its cause. Surgery may be needed to remove the tumor or the pituitary or adrenal glands. Other treatment may include ……. read more

Medical Treatment of Cushing's Disease

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