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1. FDA approves new device for treating moderate to severe chronic heart failure in patients


Date Submitted: 06/23/2020 02:55 PM

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Summary: Device to treat heart failure was given Breakthrough Device designation because it treats a life-threatening disease and addresses unmet clinical need.

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FDA approves new device for treating moderate to severe chronic heart failure in patients

2. New Drugs for the Treatment of Heart Failure | USC Journal


Date Submitted: 09/09/2021 10:21 PM

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Summary: After a drought in viable new therapies for more than a decade, two new drugs for use in heart failure patients were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2015. These drugs represent two new classes of agents in the heart failure space: a combined angiotensin receptor-neprilysin inhibitor (ARNI) (sacubitril/valsartan; brand name Entresto®, Novartis) and a sinoatrial node modulator (ivabradine; brand name Corlanor®, Amgen). Both drugs are recommended for use as part of a comprehensive medical therapy regimen.

Match with the search results: Proper treatment can improve the signs and symptoms of heart failure and may help some people live longer. Lifestyle changes — such as ……. read more

New Drugs for the Treatment of Heart Failure | USC Journal

3. Outpatient Treatment of Systolic Heart Failure


Date Submitted: 12/04/2020 09:44 AM

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Summary: Optimal outpatient treatment of systolic heart failure has three goals that should be pursued simultaneously: (1) control of risk factors for the development and progression of heart failure, (2) treatment of heart failure, and (3) education of patients. Control of risk factors includes treating hypertension, diabetes, and coronary artery disease, and eliminating the use of alcohol and tobacco. All patients with heart failure should be taking an angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor or angiotensin-receptor blocker. In the absence of contraindications, an ACE inhibitor is preferred. In most patients, physicians should consider adding a beta blocker to ACE-inhibitor therapy. In patients with severe heart failure, spironolactone is a useful addition to baseline drug therapy, as is carvedilol (substitute carvedilol if patient is already taking a beta blocker). Patients with stable heart failure should be encouraged to begin and maintain a regular aerobic exercise program. Digoxin therapy may reduce the likelihood of hospitalization but does not reduce mortality. It must be monitored closely, with a target dosage level of 0.5 to 1.1 ng per mL. Symptoms may be controlled with the use of diuretics and restricted dietary sodium. Finally, patient education, with the patient’s active participation in the care, is a key strategy in the management of heart failure. Periodic follow-up between scheduled office visits, which is essential in the long-term management of heart failure, may include telephone calls from the office nurse, maintenance of a daily symptom and weight diary, and participation in a disease-management program.

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Outpatient Treatment of Systolic Heart Failure

4. How Heart Failure Is Treated


Date Submitted: 08/11/2020 10:22 PM

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Summary: Treatment for heart failure is usually medications that help the heart pump efficiently, diuretics and medications to reduce blood pressure. Sometimes, surgery is considered.

Match with the search results: Treatment includes exercise and medicine at first and possible surgical procedures when heart failure gets worse. Your outlook depends on a ……. read more

How Heart Failure Is Treated

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