[2020] 5 Best CPU Temperature Monitor Tools for Windows

The overheating is one of the common reasons that causes calculator processors ‘ damage. fortunately, there are more and more people realizing the importance of the temperature monitor. If you have no idea about how to monitor calculator temperature or how to make the properly choice among multiple temp monitor tools, here it is .
In the follow article, we put the vehemence on monitoring CPU temp, and introduces 5 best CPU temp monitor tools in 2020. They are ache Game Booster, Speedfan, HWMonitor, Real Temp, and AID64 Extreme. Let ’ s see how these CPU temperature monitor tools help our computers avoid the overheating offspring, and live healthy lives .
Best CPU Temperature Monitor Tools in 2020


[Editor’s Choice] Best CPU Temp Monitor for Gamers

Among multiple programs, we highly recommend you use bright Game Booster as your CPU temp monitor on Windows. We all know that CPU normally running excessively hot specially when bet on, while smart Game Booster is designed for gamers and it helps acquire in-game temperatures .
smart Game Booster not only monitors your CPU & GPU temps inside the game, but besides displays all the details of the temperatures of motherboard ampere well as sports fan rush. Once any of your hardware gets overheated and raise to an unnormal temperature, this temp monitor will give you a warning alert, efficaciously helping the hardware and your calculator from being damaged and data personnel casualty. More importantly, its CPU temp monitor sport is completely free to use, and the interface of Smart Game Booster is top and user-friendly .
By using Smart Game Booster, you can make full use of its early gain features, including 1-click game boost, overclock, disk defrag, exempt driver updater and so on, to get the better personal computer performance and gaming have .

Smart Game Booster 4

  • Overclock Hardware
  • Boost Game Speed
  • Monitor PC Temperature
  • Increase Game FPS
Free Download
Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP

Speedfan – Popular CPU Temp Monitor

Speedfan is one of the most popular CPU temp monitors in the market. The creature has very typical Windows XP interface, but don ’ thymine concern, the tool is updated on a regular basis and it provides helpful features for you to monitor CPU temperature and sports fan speeds. Besides the CPU temp monitor, we use its “ change fan accelerate ” function as the main feature, good like its name .
Speedfan can access digital temperature sensors on computer and change sports fan speeds based on the arrangement temperatures. You are allowed to change parameters for the maximum and minimum sports fan accelerate : raise the accelerate to 100 % when CPU gets overheated ; lower the fan speed for reducing noise. In this means, you easily control the sports fan speeds for better operation. Speedfan is 100 % compatible with Windows personal computer, and it works ticket with all Windows OS versions .

HWMonitor – Hardware Monitoring Tool

For anyone who is looking for a great CPU temp monitor instrument, HWMonitor is one of the best central processing unit temperature proctor programs for computers ’ elements like temperatures, voltages and fans speed. It is developed by CPUID, a authentic and well-trusted software provider. Due to its frequent updates, HWMonitor supports the latest central processing unit and works absolutely on Windows computers .
With this CPU temp monitor, you are able to check the temperatures of CPU, GPU, motherboard and voltages. The values will be displayed in 3 sets : current value, maximum value deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as minimal value, which makes pretty easy to catch up the situation of your personal computer system. If you alone want a instrument to monitor CPU temperature, this one is good. If you higher requirements, HWMonitor does contain the inaccessibility of some promote features like fan speed control or temperature warn alarm, and it can not meet your needs very well .

Real Temp –CPU Temperature Monitor for Intel Processors

If your computers are equipped with Intel processors, then this real Temp is your CPU temp proctor. As one of the best central processing unit temperature monitor tools, Real Temp is well designed and developed for monitoring all Intel single, double, quad core and core i5, i7 processors .
Based on temperature data gathered using a Fluke 62 IR Thermometer, Real Temp can keep traverse of and display your CPU temperature in real-time. additionally, it offers utilitarian high temp alarm and closure features as well .
Like we reviewed, Ream Temp is for monitoring Intel core-based processors. If your computers are running on Pentium or AMD processors, you have to look into other CPU temp monitor programs .

AIDA64 Extreme – Comprehensive Monitor Tool

No doubt, AIDA64 is another capital option of monitoring CPU temperature. But in fact, it offers more than just CPU temp proctor, this feature-rich program is largely used by power users. For model, if you have demands on overclocking your computer, you ’ ll like and take advantages of AIDA64 Extreme bounty features .
AIDA64 Extreme supports over 250 assorted detector devices to monitor temperature, fan speeds, voltages and etc. Besides this, the main features include 50 pages of information on heavily shape, stress testing module, the most accurate hardware signal detection capability, benchmarking, software audit and much more.

Bottom Line
Hardware overheating return can cause very bad results, and everyone ( specially gamers who expect top gambling experience ) should realize that CPU temp monitor is essential. We hope the 5 best CPU temp monitor tools listed above can actually help you out .

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