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Latest Version: 3.5.2

  • Licence: Free
  • What does CDRViewer 3 do? Tool to Load, Open, Read and Convert PDF, PostScript, Ai, CorelDRAW CDR, CMX Files and Microsoft Visio Drawings. CDRViewer 3 is completely free of cost application and does not require CorelDRAW on the system to read CDR, CMX, Microsoft Visio files, Ai, PostScript and PDF documents. CDRViewer 3 is a portable software that immediately open, convert and view CDR, CMX and VSD, VSDX, VSS, VSSX, PDF, Ps, Ai files without CorelDRAW and Microsoft Visio on your laptop. The application gives wholly accurate leave within few moments and without any data loss. however, some files may not open accurately. CDRViewer 3 is a future major update adaptation of CDRViewer which allows you open and see CorelDRAW files on macOS. Simple, beautiful app for converting PDF, Ps, Ai, CorelDRAW ( .cdr, .cmx ) and Microsoft Visio ( .vsd, vsdx, v, vssx ) files into .PDF ( Vector Editable ), .JPG, .PNG and .EPS. CDRViewer 3 features :. Convert CorelDraw ( CDR and CMX ) files into PDF, JPG, PNG and EPS documents ( Pro Feature ) ;. Convert Microsoft Visio ( VSD, VSDX, VSS and VSSX ) files into PDF, JPG, PNG and EPS documents ( Pro Feature ) ;. Convert PDF, PostScript and Ai files into PDF, JPG, PNG and EPS documents ( Pro Feature ) ;. Allows users to Open CDR, CMX, VSD, VSDX, VSS, VSSX, PDF, Ps and Ai file data in latest macOS ;. Does n’t need of CorelDraw, Microsoft Visio, Internet Connection, Adobe Acrobat or any other joyride ;. Drag and Drop to Open and View ;. No file size limitation to read files ( merely Pro Version ) ; Opening CorelDRAW format files, Microsoft Visio format files on macOS is possible now. – +++ Give new life to your old files +++ – dim-witted and useful productive tool for designers. If you have any ideas or features, feel release to drop a message regarding your opinions by using our contact us foliate. — – celebrated Features — – 1. CDRViewer 3 runs on your macOS. 2. CDRViewer 3 can export your CorelDRAW and Microsoft Visio files to Vector PDF, JPG, PNG and EPS file formats ( Lite, Standard or Pro Version feature ). 3. Provides an option to zoom-in-out and fast file reading. 4. All previously opened CDR files are archived for faster access for later manipulation. 5. Supports Latest CorelDRAW and Microsoft Visio versions. 6. automatic pistol Version Detection. Limitations – free version allows you to open 5 files day by day. Size limitation is 1 Mb. You can upgrade to Lite, Standard and Pro version any fourth dimension with in-app purchase, Pro version allows you – export to PDF, JPG, PNG and EPS, – day by day outright file view, – clear outright file size. What ‘s New in this Version ? We are constantly working to bring you a better experience on the CorelDRAW file spectator app. With this Major free, we ‘ve fixed many issues, made aplomb improvements and added amazing new features : – Added consequence CMX file format. – Added export to EPS effigy file ( Pro feature of speech ). – Added import Microsoft Visio ( VSD, VSDX, VSS, VSSX ) file formats – Added Drag and Drop Support to Open File. – lend ability to change setting color – useful when opened white color graphics. – Added Zoom In, Zoom Out and Zoom to Fit buttons to the toolbar. – Added shortcuts for zooming functions. – Improved Zooming. – design and interface improvements. – Redesigned Toolbar. – Added App File Sharing button. – now available from macOS 10.13. – Improved and fixed english speech translations. – Resolved many bugs that CDRViewer ‘s not opening files for some users. – Improvements and many corrections to our CorelDRAW meaning library. – wiretap fixes and performance improvements. – It ‘s even stronger now. – many other fixes and improvements. besides You can always send us your feedback through feedback button. If you enjoy this software, please contribute what you can. We are a small team, and your support allows us to continue developing. If you need us you can find us at @ BluetailTeam on Twitter, at, or, we love hearing from you !

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