7 Best Period Tracker Apps — Free Apps to Track Your Period

Remember the days before bright phones, when you might jot a little “ phosphorus ” in your calendar so you could schedule your beach vacation around your time period — or at least make certain you threw a tampon in your purse on your way out to dinner ? nowadays, like everything else in life, tracking your menstrual bicycle is is adenine bare as tapping on your phone — in fact, period-tracking apps are part of a boom industry called “ Femtech. ” “ Most people ’ second lives are digital these days, and apps like this are sexy, ” says Jill Rabin, MD, an OB/GYN at Northshore University Hospital/LIJ Medical Center, Northwell Health. “ If you track it regularly, you can press a button and see the hale pattern of your period for the last two or three years. ” But Dr. Rabin warns that you should be mindful about privacy when you use any health app. “ Be careful about putting any personal medical data in an app — it ’ s not always protected, ” she says, pointing to a holocene report by the norwegian Consumer Council that found that 10 democratic apps — including two time period trackers — were sharing personal data with more than 135 different companies. If you want to take your period tracking to the future horizontal surface, keep these tips in mind :

DON’T include anything you wouldn ’ metric ton want an advertiser to know approximately. • DO read the privacy policy before clicking on. Many will let you opt out of sharing data, but it ’ south in the fine print.

DON’T trust entirely on a period tracker to help you get pregnant. sure, if your periods are very regular, apps can help you zero in on the optimum window for sex. “ But there are better ways, including urine tests, to know for sure when you ’ re in your prolific period, ” says Dr. Rabin.

DO use your period tracker as tool to talk to your health care provider. “ If you see you ’ re having irregular periods, bring that data to your practitioner to find out why, ” says Dr. Rabin. • DON’T use a time period tracker to help you figure out when it ’ south “ safe ” to have sexual activity. The apps themselves will remind you this is DEFINITELY NOT a legalize method acting of parturition control. “ We have many long-acting, reversible contraceptives that truly fantastic, and there ‘s no reason these days for anyone to have an unintended pregnancy, ” says Dr. Rabin. here are the 7 best menstruation tracking apps to try. note : all are rid to download, but some charge extra for premium features .

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