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Free Parking Management Software?

“They” say that nothing is free in this world, at ParkingBadge, we beg to differ…
Our innovative parking management software is in fact, offered as a free Saas for multiple types of parking management applications. After ParkingBadge ’ s barren parking management software is installed and operational at a modern location, every time person pays for parking, the tax income is split between the property or parking area owner and Parking Badge- 70 % for the property, and 30 % to Parking Badge .
The gross sharing model opens the proverbial door for many types of parking management applications, whereas the property owner literally has either no up front costs or very low upfront costs to get set up and running with their raw and exempt parking management software application. After the initial implementation of the digital parking management software, the property owner would be able to manage all of the infrastructure and logistic aspects of the parking application, including payments from one central parking management dashboard or parking management app .

How Does the Entire Process Work?

The entire adjust up procedure is reasonably quick and slowly in most situations. In some cases however, there may be the want for extra implementations, extra parking hardware, paint of lines, adding signage/digital signage, etc. In other cases, a park application may have multiple parking areas, spaces, parking lots, and/or parking garages that may need to be added to the free parking management software. additionally, there may be a far need for customizations to the complimentary park management software to fit the needs of these larger types of “ hybrid ” park management applications.

After the initial reference, our team will work with the parking application owner to lay out a plan to get the modern detached parking management system improving and running equally quickly and painlessly as potential. Once the system is wholly set up, ParkingBadge ’ south experts will walk you through the free parking software system and features, while besides showing your team how to properly use the parking software according to how it is set up for your specific parking application ( second ) .
From hera it is merely a matter of communicating new park changes, rules, and setting up requital options for people that would be using the new detached park management system. If there are any foster integrations or 3rd party services that need to be added to the complimentary park software, in most cases, Parking Badge can accommodate the custom integrations if they are not besides excessively building complex .
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