Best Free Employee Scheduling Software for 2022

Jennifer Hartman is an HR Specialist and staff writer for Fit Small Business, with over 15 years of experience in account, payroll, and human resources. Charlette has over 10 years of have in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll. With free employee scheduling software, you get web-based and mobile options that you can use to create, pull off, and publish staff schedules. digression from helping you keep costs down, these absolve solutions are designed to streamline and digitize schedule processes, so you no long have to maintain and print spreadsheets that contain your employees ’ work shifts .
Most employee scheduling solutions offer time track, leave management, team message, chemise swap, and an on-line schedule builder. Some even provide artificial intelligence ( AI ) -powered auto-scheduling tools and mobile apps that allow employees to access the software from anywhere.

Our top free employee scheduling software picks are :

  • Homebase: Best overall for small businesses with one location that need unlimited scheduling and timekeeping tools
  • 7shifts: Best for restaurants looking for simple scheduling and time clock solutions
  • SocialSchedules: Best for companies in hospitality, retail, and service industries that assign shifts by position

If you are looking for scheduling software that offers more features and functionality than our unblock options, then we recommend the following low-cost software that start with a complimentary trial :

  • When I Work: Best for new businesses that need auto-scheduling tools and a comprehensive HR solution
  • ZoomShift: Best for businesses in the travel and tourism industry that need seasonal scheduling and time tracking for hourly employees
  • Deputy: Best for scheduling shifts across multiple locations, including internationally

Free Employee Scheduling Software Compared

Homebase 7shifts SocialSchedules When I Work ZoomShift Deputy
free plan Option 14-Day Free Trial 7-Day Free Trial 31-Day Free Trial
shift Swapping
Mobile accessible
Multilocation Scheduling ✔, addtl fee ✔, addtl tip ✔, addtl fee
PTO/ Overtime/ Break Scheduling
Geofencing/ Geotracking
Clock-in with Fingerprint, Badge, or Code
Customizable report
integration with Third-party Software
dim-witted Intuitive Interface

Which Employee Scheduling Software is Best For My Small Business?

Take our quiz to find the best employee scheduling software to fit your industry and budget .

Question 1

How many locations does your business have?

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    Question 2

    Which industry best describes your business?

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      Professional Services



      Travel & Tourism

      Question 3

      What feature do you care about most?

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        ability for employees to swap shifts

        Integrations with third-party software, such as payroll

        Additional Software built in like Recruiting, Time Tracking

        Geo-tracking and geolocation services

        Question 4

        What’s your budget?

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          1 moment approx
          It has to be absolve

          Homebase: Best Overall Free Employee Scheduling Software for Small Businesses


          Homebase logo.

          Overall Score:


          OUT OF


          rating CRITERIA Pricing 2.50 OUT OF 5
          Scheduling Software Functionality 4.88 OUT OF 5
          Popularity 4.00 OUT OF 5
          Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Security 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Expert Review 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Ease of Use 4.75 OUT OF 5

          What We Like

          • The free plan includes employee scheduling, attendance monitoring, online time clocks, job postings, and applicant tracking
          • User-friendly interface
          • Can handle unlimited employees

          What ‘s Missing

          • Free plan limited to one location only
          • Geolocation tracking, geofencing, PTO accrual tracking, and overtime alerts are included only in paid plans
          • Users report a lag in software from time to time

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          Free plan:

          • Covers one location and unlimited employees
          • Comes with
            • Staff scheduling
            • Time tracking
            • Hiring tools
            • Basic reports
            • PTO requests
            • Payroll and POS integrations
            • Mobile apps (for iOS and Android)
            • Online time clock options (for smartphones, tablets, computer, and POS devices)

          Paid plans: Three plans ( Essentials, Plus, and All-in-One ) ; fees range from $ 14 to $ 70 per localization monthly ( if paid per annum ) ; premium tiers include budget and department of labor cost controls, PTO policies and accruals tracking, and onboarding tools
          Add-on services:

          • Job posting boosts (starts at $79 per job post)
          • Payroll ($35 per month base fee plus $5 per active employee, per month)
          • Access to HR advisers and resources ($99 per month for non-All-in-One plan subscribers)

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          Visit Homebase
          What ’ sulfur bang-up about Homebase is that its release plan is feature-rich. apart from scheduling and time trailing tools, you can use its platform to post jobs, track applicants, and communicate with team members. This is what makes Homebase a good option for small businesses, including retail stores and restaurants, as it provides basic recruit features that other scheduling software, such as 7shifts, wear ’ thyroxine offer—all at no cost .
          You can even integrate point-of-sale ( POS ) and payroll solutions to its platforms. For small businesses that want to streamline employee pay process, this is helpful as it prevents manual upload of clock data for payroll runs. however, you have the choice to download Homebase ’ randomness timesheets as CSV files, in case you ’ re using a payroll servicing that will upload this datum .
          While Homebase doesn ’ t have an employee terminus ad quem, its absolve option covers merely one localization. so, if you have a multilocation business, you need to upgrade to one of Homebase ’ mho paid plans. note that its monthly fee ( starts at $ 14 ) is charged on a per-location basis. Plus, you have to pay extra for premium services, such as speculate stake boosts, payroll, and technical advice from its “ HR Pro ” team .

          Homebase Free Plan Features

          • Online schedule builder: With its free plan, users receive a drag-and-drop functionality that includes shift preferences and availability. Additionally, there is a library of schedule templates that can be used to create daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. One of Homebase’s standout features (not found in 7shifts or SocialSchedules) is its auto-scheduling which will allow you to create a duplicate schedule.
          • Recruiting tools: Homebase provides basic tools for recruiting candidates. You can post your open jobs to job boards, like Indeed and ZipRecruiter. Additionally, you can track applicants right from your dashboard, add screening questions to your job posts, and store documents such as staff forms.
          • Ability to manage shifts: Users can manage all open shifts, shift swaps, and shift covers directly through the dashboard. The system will allow you to manage standard breaks and overtime settings for your state. Additionally, you can manage PTO requests that will show in the system when you create your schedules.
          • Employee time tracking: Homebase has digital time sheets that allow for tracking employee time, as well as a time clock app for computers, tablets, POS devices, and smartphones. Unlike SocialSchedules, your employees can use pin code-based time-ins/outs. Additionally, for employees that work in the field, Homebase offers a GPS locator so you can tell where your employees are when they clock in and out.
          • Offline mode: In case Wi-Fi is down, Homebase will record the time-ins/outs and sync these later to the virtual clock once the internet connection is restored.
          • Unlimited Employees: While Homebase’s free plan is limited to only one location, there is no limit to the number of employees you can schedule. 7shifts and SocialSchedules’ free plans are only for one location and up to 10 employees.

          Visit Homebase

          7shifts: Best for Restaurants Needing Simple Scheduling & Time Clocking Solutions


          7shifts logo

          Overall Score:


          OUT OF


          evaluation CRITERIA Pricing 2.50 OUT OF 5
          Scheduling Software Functionality 4.88 OUT OF 5
          Popularity 4.00 OUT OF 5
          Reporting 4.25 OUT OF 5
          Security 3.25 OUT OF 5
          Expert Review 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Ease of Use 4.88 OUT OF 5

          What We Like

          • User-friendly interface
          • Has all the basic scheduling and time tracking tools small restaurants need
          • Offers a 14-day free trial for paid plans

          What ‘s Missing

          • Free plan includes only one location and 10 employees
          • Schedule templates, POS and payroll integrations, and shift data exports are available in paid plans only
          • Occasional software glitches reported by users

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          “Comp” plan: Free ; covers one location and 10 employees ; comes with basic schedule and clock time chase tools
          Paid plans: Four options ( Appetizer, Entree, The Works, and Gourmet ) with monthly fees that start at $ 17.99 for 20 up to $ 69.99 for outright employees

          • Account setup ($150 one-time fee)
          • Sales data import ($100 one-time fee)
          • Task management ($12.99 per location, per month)
          • Manager log book ($14.99 per location, per month)
          • Operations overview ($6.99 per location, per month) to help you track and compare your multiple business locations’ sales, labor, and employee engagement data

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          Visit 7shifts
          7shifts offers a cloud-based platform to help you efficiently manage staff schedules and cut time. Designed specifically for fast food and restaurant businesses, it has full-bodied schedule and communication tools that both employees and managers can use even while on the go .
          however, for its absolve “ Comp ” plan, you are granted access only to its bare scheduling and time-clocking solutions. This includes staff scheduling notifications, shift trade, PTO requests, basic report, staff handiness tools, and mobile app access. It is besides limited to one location and 10 employees. You have to upgrade to a paid design if you require multi-location scheduling and extra drug user seats .
          The nonrecreational plans besides include advanced coverage, payroll and POS integrations, overtime and break alerts, and employee clock-ins/outs through the mobile apps ( io and Android ). In addition, you have to pay supernumerary if you want account setup aid, sales data import, a monthly operations overview report, and undertaking management .

          7shifts Free Plan Features

          • Customized scheduling: 7shifts provides an online schedule builder with drag-and-drop functionality that can be customized to fit your staff needs and departments. You can use schedule templates to create next week’s schedule, as well as track shift swaps and notifications.
          • Staff availability management: You can track employee PTO requests and shift availability right through the dashboard. This will ensure your schedules are accurate and reduce the likelihood of missed shifts, or the need for shift swapping.
          • Manager logbook: While Homebase and SocialSchedules both offer a manager logbook, 7shifts stands out due to its default setting of restaurant operations categories such as customizable shift notes and daily operations (customer complaints, maintenance issues, employee management and employee concerns).
          • Integrations with third-party software: 7shifts integrates with an impressive 23 POS systems (top-ranked for the restaurant industry) and 13 payroll software services. Additionally, it integrates with a training solution software (ExpandShare) and HigherMe, a hiring app specifically designed for restaurants and retail.
          • Mobile time clock apps: With the app, employees must provide facial recognition to clock in (preventing buddy punching). A geolocation feature is built in to prevent employees from clocking in before they have reached their destination.
          • Health screening questions: Employees who are clocking in are asked a series of health-related questions to ensure the safety of your staff and patrons.

          Visit 7shifts

          SocialSchedules: Best for Hospitality, Retail & Service Companies That Assign Shifts by Position


          SocialSchedules logo

          Overall Score:


          OUT OF


          rat CRITERIA Pricing 2.50 OUT OF 5
          Scheduling Software Functionality 4.88 OUT OF 5
          Popularity 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Reporting 5.00 OUT OF 5
          Security 2.88 OUT OF 5
          Expert Review 3.38 OUT OF 5
          Ease of Use 4.00 OUT OF 5

          What We Like

          • Easy to use
          • Efficient scheduling and shift reminder tools
          • Offers an online demo that’s free to access for 24 hours

          What ‘s Missing

          • Free plan only covers one department, one location, and up to 10 employees
          • Lacks live phone support
          • Limited payroll integration options

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          Basic: Free ; includes one localization, one department, up to 10 employees, and cloud storehouse of 28 days
          Starter: $ 12.99 per location, per calendar month ( billed per annum ) ; includes two departments per localization, inexhaustible employees, and swarm storage of seven years
          Premium: $ 33.99 per location, per month ( billed annually ) ; includes five departments per location, inexhaustible employees, and defile storage of seven years
          Enterprise: Custom priced ; includes outright departments and employees plus cloud memory of seven years
          Setup assistance:

          • Ruby package ($149 per location)
            • System setup
            • Employee data import
            • Creation of company positions
            • Manual format and import of up to 12-weeks historical sales data
          • Sapphire package ($299 per location), includes Ruby package options plus
            • Training sessions
            • Configuration of compliance rules
            • Integration to support POS/payroll solutions

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          Visit SocialSchedules
          With SocialSchedules ( once OpenSimSim ), you get a cloud-based employee scheduling software that ’ randomness position-based. This means that you have to indicate the stead each employee has before you can create and assign shifts .
          Its rid plan has limited features where you can create schedules and track employee time for up to 10 staff—provided they belong in the like department and work in a individual localization. While you get detached access to PTO management, time sheets, in-app message, and a tablet time clock, you have to subscribe to one of SocialSchedules ’ paid plans if you want premium features ( like shift confirmations, multi-location schedule, POS integrations, advanced report, and a mobile clock clock ). Mobile apps is available on io and Android .

          SocialSchedules Free Plan Features

          • Schedule maintenance: SocialSchedules, like the other providers on this list, offers an online schedule builder with drag-and-drop functionality. It assists in tracking staff availability (including PTO management) and allows schedule planning by position. Additionally, you can create shifts for off-site addresses and remote staff.
          • Compliance tools: You can remain compliant with labor and wage laws in your state by using rule-setting, alerts, and tracking features. Additionally, with one of its paid plans, the system will allow you to set pay rates, receive overtime and break alerts, and view activity reports.
          • In-app messaging: You have the ability to send private and group messages through SocialSchedules, which includes unlimited chat history. You can send out schedules, approve shift swaps, and send and receive time-off requests. You can also set disclaimers (messages) that your employees must read and acknowledge before they can clock in/out.
          • Availability management: You can manage your employee’s schedule availability right through the app and make necessary changes, including days off, times available, and locations preferred. Employees can create availability sets showing when they can work, and those availabilities can be set to repeat weekly.
          • Day notes: Managers can leave day notes for employees, so they know which areas or locations they are working in. You can also lock days so employees can’t change shifts or take certain days off.

          visit SocialSchedules

          How We Evaluated Employee Scheduling Software

          We compared respective reputable providers that offer release software for creating and managing employee make schedules. We looked for all-important features like overtime plan, shift key swap, clock traverse, and report tools. We besides evaluated some low-cost, though not release, options that offer low monthly costs and free trials to get started .
          To view our broad evaluation criteria, click through the check in the box below .

          15 %

          20 %
          Scheduling software functionalities

          15 %

          10 %
          report tools

          15 %
          Expert Review

          20 %
          facilitate of use

          5 %

          15% of Overall Score

          away from looking at whether the supplier has transparent price for its pay plans, we checked if its scheduling solution can be accessed or purchased individually from the supplier ’ s other software products. Homebase, 7shifts, and SocialSchedules all scored a 2.5 out of 5 in this class .

          20% of Overall Score

          The best schedule software includes at least basic tools, such as switch swap, overtime, unwrap, and paid time off design. Plus, having access to team messaging, multilocation schedule, mobile apps, and a self-service portal site are besides ideal .

          15% of Overall Score

          Geofencing, geolocation track, and multiple clock-in/out options ( such as fingerprint, badge, and pin code ) are just some of the essential functionalities that we checked for. We besides verified whether or not the software can set up approvals and limit early clock-ins. A perfect 5 out of 5 score for Homebase made it the clear winner in this class .

          15% of Overall Score

          We determined if the software was ideal for a belittled business based on the cost of the plans beyond free, scheduling features, and if the software is easy to navigate. All software scored perfect for features and navigation ; however, SocialSchedules fell behind in this category due to its increase pricing beyond its dislodge plan .

          20% of Overall Score

          Having an employee scheduling chopine that ’ sulfur intuitive and easy to learn is a must. We looked at whether the provider offers live telephone back, coach, quick system implementations, and consolidation options with payroll, point-of-sale ( POS ), and timekeeping systems. While none of the software we reviewed achieved a perfect grudge in this class, 7shifts outranked the perch with a 4.88 out of 5 due to its live earphone support and integration options .

          5% of Overall Score

          We checked reviews that actual users left on third-party sites like G2 and Capterra. Based on these reviews SocialSchedules scored the only 5 out of 5 from users due to their seamless application without glitching errors .
          *Percentages of overall score

          Based on our evaluation criteria, we found Homebase to be the best choice for belittled businesses, with a total seduce of 4.5 out of 5. Its loose option lets you create schedules and track clock time for unlimited employees, provided they work in a one placement. Unlike other rid scheduling software, you besides get hiring and team message tools, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as POS and payroll software integration options—all at no monetary value .
          Visit Homebase

          Bottom Line

          Employee scheduling software helps you create and provide influence schedules for your staff, ensuring that you ’ rhenium well-equipped during your business ’ flower hours. free cloud-based schedule solutions much have communication and message tools to let employees swap solve shifts and stay in touch. Although not complimentary, some employee scheduling software will provide your business with extra features at an low-cost cost. When determining which joyride is right for you, you have to consider the size of your business, the act of employees, and any other factors that affect your schedule needs .

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