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Something that many gamers forget is that aside from the wealth of big companies making well known games, those featured on television receiver and in game stores, there ’ mho besides a huge other worldly concern of indie game development. While some of these are more akin to major titles, there are others which are more compress and casual and can easily go unnoticed. thankfully, creators make software like Game Downloader to collate these games in one place, giving you free access to a wealth of fun, casual games.

Does what it says on the box!

Game Downloader very is one of those applications which does what it claims to do- lets you download games ! This little bite of kit has a bantam install footprint and essentially works as a mini-store, letting you browse a collection of games and download the ones you want to play. You could compare it to the gaming platform steamer, but this is fair for a excerpt of small indie games. The library of 200+ games is being expanded all the clock time, so you ’ ve got a lot of choice and they vary from natural process to puzzlers. For exemplar, in the action class you have Faster Blaster, a buoyant little 8-bit adventure game which is a mashup of Master Blaster and Super Metroid from the NES days. In the FPS class you have titles like Dinocalypse, a tugboat defense shooter where you use turrets and plasma guns to fend of waves of dinosaurs. Some of these games are multiplayer, some are individual player- there ’ s quite the variety.

Open source and free to use

Game Downloader is in a fact an open source download client which accesses a server library of games ; there are no particular bells and whistles here, just a bite of software which does its job. The software basically exists to collate these games in one place so you don ’ t have to scour the network with your browser to find them. Indie developers will find this very matter to, a great way to get inhalation from minor games. note that you will need .net framework 3.5 to run this software, but there ’ s a link on their web site. In terms of serviceability, some aspects of the application are customable and you can ’ metric ton go far wrong with the interface. You will see a determine of navigation options along the top such as Settings and Downloads, while picking games is arsenic simple as using a drop-down to choose your category, then clicking each item in the tilt. Each game has a description, details and screenshots to help you choose.

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Nothing special, but a great free pastime

The open source nature of Game Downloader will appeal to developers. The software international relations and security network ’ t american samoa polished as casual players might like, but it does have supporting help and a forum. While most of the games are very basic, they still have casual play appeal and might take you spinal column to a dim-witted prison term of arcade games and good, blank fun. With a bantam install footprint and unblock monetary value tag, this is well worth downloading to get access to an otherwise unseen side of gaming .

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