The Best Google Voice Alternatives in 2022

Google Voice is a democratic Voice over Internet Protocol ( VoIP ) military service. Because it ’ s a free product and easy to use, many humble businesses and startups use the service as their occupation telephone through their mobile phones. Google Voice flush has a dedicated mobile app and can work on background devices. But choosing a Google Voice alternative could be the key footstep in taking your business communications to the following charge. πŸ“ˆ After all, Google Voice international relations and security network ’ t a product mean for business function. even Google ’ s corroborate team says it : β€œ GV ( Google Voice ) is a consumer-targeted offer that is capital for personal, non-business manipulation. It does not have any direct technical support, and it does have occasional outages and hard-to-diagnose bugs. ” – From the Google Voice Help Forum so let ’ s take a look at Google Voice and nine alternatives you might want to consider.

What You Should Know About Google Voice

When you ’ re good launching a little business or a inauguration, it might make sense to use Google Voice because it ’ s free and your expenses are likely tight. As your business grows, you might notice some limitations to the free and even some paid tiers of Voice, including :

  • No customer support from Google
  • No toll-free numbers or vanity numbers
  • No signups outside of the U.S.
  • No auto-attendant or IVR features
  • No ability to share a business phone number with your team
  • No call recording for Google Workspace accounts
  • Poor call quality

ideally, you want a call organization that can grow as your business grows. For business owners, you want a business call service that allows you to stop using your personal telephone issue for work-related telephone calls or textbook messages. If you search for a Google Voice alternate, you ’ ll see that other VoIP services offer far more advance functionality. evening searches on Reddit and Quora show results for many different Google Voice alternatives. indeed, if you ’ ra looking for a Google Voice alternative, you ’ re not the only one .

How does Google Voice work?

Like most VoIP services, Google Voice uses an internet connection ( Wi-Fi or data plan ) to make telephone calls and send textbook messages. No desk phones or landlines are required. a long as you have an internet connection and an internet-enabled device ( cellular telephone, laptop, computer, or another fluid device ), you can use Google Voice. Google Voice allows you to make free calls just by signing up with an electronic mail address. It can be used for both personal and professional reasons β€” though it is built specifically for personal communications .

Is Google Voice Being Discontinued?

Google is a ship’s company known for canceling services even if they have a goodly user floor. There ’ second even a web site dedicated to the hundreds of services the company has killed off over the years. even Google Hangouts, a message avail that many teams use, is set to shut down in privilege of other team services. While Google continues to support Google Voice, they ’ re besides investing heavily in a raw earphone service called Google Fi. Google Fi is a pay call design with many of the like features as Google Voice. Because of their similarities, there are many people who think Google will reduce its support for Google Voice in the occur months. While Google hasn ’ triiodothyronine officially commented on the future of Google Voice, note that there is a refer of it being canceled .

9 Google Voice Alternatives

While there are some advantages to using Google Voice for your business, there are alternatives available that offer low-cost price and provide the promote features that business phone systems need. due to its lack of features around call handle, call forward and rout, virtual count communion, and more, Google Voice international relations and security network ’ t a sustainable telephone option β€” specially if your clientele is growing. These nine VoIP providers can help you access the business call features your team needs .

1. OpenPhone

Google Voice alternative: Screenshots of the OpenPhone desktop and mobile apps For small businesses and startups, a service like OpenPhone is a highly rated option with thousands of happy users. πŸ“± And it ’ south even one of the most low-cost options on this list ! OpenPhone is a earphone solution that your sales, operations, and customer support teams β€” among others β€” can easily use to manage inbound calls and SMS messages together. Using the platform, multiple members of your team can access a shared business telephone number and collaborate on conversations. And when teammates are using different numbers, calls can be routed or forwarded to the right person with just a few taps. If you want to create a call center for your occupation or a dedicated customer service course, OpenPhone gives you the capability, which Google Voice lacks. And when a customer calls, the platform even functions as a lightweight CRM, providing information about the node β€” though you besides can connect with HubSpot for even better context. OpenPhone besides supports canadian calling and offers local Canadian earphone numbers ( in accession to U.S. local numbers and toll-free numbers ), allowing you to well operate in or expand your business to Canada. 🍁 The take after features are included as well :

  • U.S. and international calling β€” with unlimited calling and text messaging in the U.S. and Canada
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Auto-attendant (IVR)
  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Can set business hours
  • Multiple phone numbers tied to one account
  • Works on iPhones, Android phones, desktops, and web browsers
  • Dedicated customer support

OpenPhone Pricing Plans

OpenPhone offers transparent price and some of the best rates in the game for must-have business earphone features .

  • Standard: Starting at $10 per user per month for shared phone numbers, auto-attendant, unlimited calls and texts in the U.S. and Canada, and even more robust features
  • Premium: Starting at $20 per user per month adds call transferring, CRM integrations, analytics, and more advanced features
  • Enterprise: Custom-fit solutions with custom-fit pricing

What Customers Are Saying About OpenPhone

β€œ I messaged OpenPhone about potentially porting over a Google Voice phone number and they let me know that it could be done & how to initiate the procedure. I set up a temp number in OpenPhone and took the plunge. A week late, and my act was in OpenPhone and working as expected ( actually better than expected, given my Google Voice headaches ). ” – Nicholas Bentley, CEO @ Merus

How To Switch and Port Your Number from Google Voice

Want to switch from Google Voice to OpenPhone ? here ’ s how comfortable it is :

The Bottom Line for OpenPhone

OpenPhone offers everything a professional team needs to operate and collaborate β€” and it ’ s low-cost to boot. πŸ€‘

2. Nextiva

Google Voice alternative: White phone, mobile phone and laptop with the Nextiva app showing on the screens Nextiva is a VoIP earphone service that supports calls in the United States and Canada. Though it does offer a act of business communication features that Google Voice does not, such as auto-attendant and customer support, it may not be the perfect suit for little businesses and startups .

Nextiva Pricing Plans

Nextiva international relations and security network ’ t extremely transparent about price. Upon jumping on their price page, you may be impressed by a low $ 18.95 per drug user per month rate. But when you want to pay monthly ( rather of committing to an annual plan ) and let them know you have a modest team, your starting prices are bumped up significantly .

  • Essential: $30.95 per user per month for auto-attendant and unlimited voice and video calls
  • Professional: $35.95 per user per month for CRM integrations and unlimited SMS (finally)
  • Enterprise: $45.95 per user per month for call recording and call analytics
  • Ultimate: $75.95 per user per month for more customer analytics, customer surveys, and more not-so-ultimate features

What Customers Are Saying About Nextiva

β€œ Auto accompaniment was not set up as planned. text messages were not working. CRM not working. I spent days asking to fix things but each time more problems and more things did not work. We were running in circles with the problems. The waiting meter for support was up to 50 minutes. They normally were not able to fix the issue but forwarded the case to the adjacent horizontal surface. I talked to the coach and he forwarded me to the technician. The technician forwarded my encase again. I wrote an electronic mail to the coach but I did get a reply. ” ( Review from G2 ) β€œ Their price and contracts all but wedge you to stick with them retentive term or pay an arm and a leg to leave. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ Unreliable call service ( calls not going through ), and poor people customer military service when reporting issues. ” ( Review from G2 )

The Bottom Line for Nextiva

While it ’ s a comprehensive service, Nextiva ’ s lowest rates are unavailable to belittled businesses that need them most, and getting bang-up support international relations and security network ’ thyroxine guarantee .

3. Telzio

Google Voice alternative: Screenshot of the Telzio app Telzio ’ s cloud-based call solution offers local phone numbers in about 50 countries and allows you to bring inexhaustible users on board. But while it is built for occupation practice, it ’ s not built for companies that take a high gear volume of calls. Plus, it requires you to pay for 100 % of the platform ’ south features β€” even the ones you don ’ t need .

Telzio Pricing Plans

Telzio sets their monthly price based on the sum of call minutes and text messages you want per calendar month, so there are no traditional price tiers. Its lowest price is $ 50 per month, which includes 1,000 minutes per calendar month ( no rollover ). To add 1,000 text messages, you ’ ll necessitate to bump your requital up to $ 77 per calendar month. This Google Voice option offers features like call record, birdcall analytics, toll-free numbers, and Zapier and Stripe integrations .

What Customers Are Saying About Telzio

β€œ Interface difficult to use, voicemails are easy to miss, customer support is suboptimal. … It appeared as an improving and coming good merchandise. A year later, it ’ randomness hush in beta testing while VERY expensive. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ Customer military service is severe ! They by chance blocked my account sol when I called them about the problem they said I should just open a modern account. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Telzio

Telzio is an all-in-one solution in terms of call center features, but it ’ s still not refined enough to justify the cost β€” particularly if you need to make a lot of calls or send a lot of text messages .

4. Ooma

Google Voice alternative: Screenshot of the Ooma app Ooma is a Google Voice alternative that supports calls in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico β€” though it only offers earphone numbers that are local to the U.S. It ’ randomness available as a mobile app or as a desk call service with all plans. however, Ooma lacks rightfully advance features, even with its upgrade design .

Ooma Pricing Plans

Ooma offers two price plans that are fairly low-cost, though you will be missing out on more robust features, like integrations and analytics .

  • Office: $19.95 per user per month for one toll-free number, auto-attendant, call forwarding, and SMS messages
  • Office Pro: $24.95 per user per month for call recording, voicemail transcriptions, video conferencing, and a desktop app

What Customers Are Saying About Ooma

β€œ When it works, it does the job. But when it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, there is a major disruption to business and the percept of our clients is hurt. Wouldn ’ t in truth recommend this product unless you have a full moon meter IT Person to manage it. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ The calls would constantly drop or the person on the other end wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to hear us. … The connectivity was a big issue. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Ooma

Ooma international relations and security network ’ thyroxine anything illusion. Though low-cost, you can get much more for closely half the price with VoIP services like OpenPhone .

5. Ringblaze

Google Voice alternative: Screenshot from the Ringblaze website Ringblaze is an low-cost Google Voice alternative that ’ s optimized for sales and support teams. But its pricing reflects its simplicity. Ringblaze is entirely focused on helping you collaborate on calls β€” and doesn ’ t even offer text message. You ’ ll besides have to stick to your desktop, as Ringblaze doesn ’ t offer a fluid app. πŸ“΅

Ringblaze Pricing Plans

Ringblaze only offers one plan, which costs $ 19 per exploiter per calendar month. You ’ ll be able to share call numbers, record calls, and get inexhaustible minutes to the U.S. and Canada. however, keep in mind that calls on toll-free numbers and home calls ( between team members ) require per-minute payments .

What Customers Are Saying About Ringblaze

β€œ I was thinking of switching away from a VoIP supplier I have nowadays but will not be doing indeed due to the drop calls. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Ringblaze

Ringblaze can help you build an effective call center, but without a mobile app or SMS, it can hinder your ability to give your customers a five-star have .

6. Sideline

Screenshot of the Sideline mobile app chiefly want to focus on SMS after switching from Google Voice ? Sideline is a business text message overhaul that lets you create a offprint work number or parcel a total with your team. however, you may find that features are pretty limited unless you make a big upgrade β€” and Sideline entirely works on devices. You can make calls through your Sideline call number besides, buy when Wi-Fi international relations and security network ’ thyroxine available or is patched, you ’ ll have to use your own mailman minutes .

Sideline Pricing Plans

When you compare sideline ’ s three price plans back to back, you may realize that you need to have a Pro plan to truly get the features you need for occupation text message. This makes it a pretty costly service, particularly when you calm need your own call plan to use birdcall features. Plus, the Pro plan is only available on io .

  • Standard: $9.99 per month for one shareable phone number (U.S. only), auto-replies, and voicemail transcriptions
  • Enterprise: $9.99 per line per month for admin control, auto-attendant, and a team directory
  • Pro: $29.99 per month for SMS marketing capabilities, shortcuts, and customer support

What Customers Are Saying About Sideline

β€œ Must use regularly to maintain number. frightful customer service. Had a few calls that were dropped or not by rights connected. Numbers are HIGHLY prone to spam calls. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Sideline

sideline can be a solid business text messaging service under its highest-tier design, but it ’ s not extremely scalable due to limited device compatibility and lack of calling features .

7. Freshcaller

Screenshot of the Freshcaller app Freshcaller is a Google Voice alternative that offers toll-free numbers or local telephone numbers from over 90 countries. It does include a broad stove of cry forwarding and route features. however, Freshcaller has a count of shroud fees and doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate documentation text message or outright calling. Plus, customer service seems to be a huge issue .

Freshcaller Pricing Plans

Like Google Voice, Freshcaller does offer a free design. This sounds big β€” except you can ’ t actually use any plan for spare. With every plan, you need to purchase your earphone total ( sulfur ) and pay per infinitesimal to make and receive calls. And that ’ s not the end of Freshcaller ’ s extra fees .

  • Sprout: 1.3 cents per minute for custom greetings, caller ID, and customer support
  • Blossom: $19 per user per month for 1,000 free incoming minutes per month, voicemail, voicemail transcriptions (with a per-minute fee), and call recording (with a per-minute fee)
  • Garden: $39 per user per month for 2,000 free incoming minutes per month, IVR, call conferencing (for a per-minute fee), and call monitoring (for a per-minute fee)
  • Estate: $59 per user per month for 3,000 free incoming minutes per month, holiday routing, and call barging (for a per-minute fee)
  • Forest: $99 per user per month for 5,000 free incoming minutes per month and a speech-enabled auto-attendant

What Customers Are Saying About Freshcaller

β€œ They do not provide any customer support. I had tickets open for weeks without anyone ever attending to them. It is besides not possible to get anybody on the phone. ” ( Review from G2 ) β€œ When you do have a technical topic or complete service outage it takes DAYS to get a reply or any real legal action toward fixing your problem. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ It frequently drops calls, crashes, and loses data. It ’ s extremely frustrating when on important support calls. Every now and then it will be ineffective to find a earphone number and not allow you to make a shout until after you reboot the browser. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Freshcaller

Freshcaller has a number of advanced call management features, but with a hoard of fees and lackluster support, it may not be worth the cost .

8. JustCall

Screenshot of the JustCall app JustCall is a Google Voice alternative that lets you claim and share local anesthetic numbers from 70 countries. Like Ringblaze, JustCall is created for subscribe and sales teams ( but with SMS and a mobile app ). unfortunately, it can be a pretty costly solution if you ’ re building a call center, since no plan includes any margin call minutes. Lack of dependability is besides a major exit users face .

JustCall Pricing Plans

JustCall offers pretty decent features with its plans, but it ’ s hush more expensive than a number of services on this number, such as OpenPhone and Ringblaze. And its per-month pricing doesn ’ t even include the 1.5 cents per minute you ’ ll pay for most local calls β€” or the identical expensive 10.35 cents per moment you ’ ll pay for Alaska calls .

  • Standard: $25 per user per month for one free number, auto-attendant, and call routing and recording
  • Premium: $50 per user per month for SMS bots and campaigns, post-call surveys, and help desk and CRM integrations
  • Enterprise: Must contact for price and have 100 users or more for priority customer support as well as bundled calling and SMS rates

What Customers Are Saying About JustCall

β€œ The calls spend, the notifications are highly discrepant, the reports are awful to manage and the texting application is hapless. I have lost leads due to JustCall not working. ” ( Review from G2 ) β€œ The apps were not authentic on my hardware and offered poor people dependability. I got many dropped calls and missed calls. ” ( Review from G2 ) β€œ Call quality is inadequate. Calls drop regularly specially when transferring. Caller information does not populate quickly, sometimes never. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for JustCall

JustCall includes a fair sum of necessity occupation phone features with its plans, but the costs can add up cursorily β€” and basic calls may not be superintendent reliable at all .

9. Grasshopper

Screenshots of the Grasshopper desktop and mobile apps Grasshopper is a popular VoIP service that offers a fairly easy-to-use interface and both local and toll-free numbers. But while Grasshopper may be well-known and have enough occupation features to replace Google Voice, it ’ s not built for collaboration. There are no integrations, shared call numbers, or call recording capabilities. Plus, price can be confusing besides .

Grasshopper Pricing Plans

Like Telzio, Grasshopper requires business owners to invest in 100 % of its features β€” voice mail transcriptions, call reports, and more β€” no matter what design you choose. Their three tiers plainly include a different come of telephone numbers and extensions. Adding any more will cost you extra .

  • Solo: $29 per month for one phone number and three extensions
  • Partner: $49 per month for three phone numbers and six extensions
  • Small Business: $89 per month for five phone numbers and unlimited extensions

What Customers Are Saying About Grasshopper

β€œ Over the few years I used it, they never made any upgrades. The io app functioned well enough for basic things, but seemed to be constantly just a beta intersection. The web site ’ mho settings were hard to navigate, and setting up the incoming call work flow was besides cumbersome. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ The problem with this software is that it is full of glitches. There were respective times when Grasshopper sent the voice messages to the wrong phone numbers, the extensions got changed or were improper, or the app just stopped working all together. It seemed like every week or two, we had to waste time calling in to customer service to get them to fix the problems. besides, you could not send bulk text or multiple text to more than one person without them seeing each other ’ randomness earphone numbers and all responses going to all people in the group text. ” ( Review from Capterra ) β€œ The connection is in truth weak. Whenever I follow instructions to access a feature of speech, it silent doesn ’ triiodothyronine knead. Calling in for help takes hours to resolve or isn ’ t resolved at all. ” ( Review from Capterra )

The Bottom Line for Grasshopper

Grasshopper is built for clientele, unlike Google Voice, but it can be pretty costly for any humble business and doesn ’ thyroxine allow you to build a address center or collaborate .

OpenPhone: The Best Google Voice Alternative

Screenshot of the OpenPhone desktop app If you ’ re looking for a Google Voice option, look no further than OpenPhone. ✨ OpenPhone is a clientele earphone built specifically for startups, minor businesses, and individuals. Unlike Google Voice and most of its competitors, OpenPhone offers all of the key features that a business telephone needs with no shroud fees and starting at merely $ 10 per exploiter per month. OpenPhone besides has a sleek exploiter interface and dedicated customer support to make your have 10 times better. ready to make the trade ? You can start calling and texting with OpenPhone nowadays. Sign up for a free trial in under a minute .


What is the best Google Voice alternative? We ’ re true overtone here β€” but if you ’ re looking for a Google Voice alternative, OpenPhone should be your beginning choice. OpenPhone is a clientele telephone specifically built for startups and small businesses. It offers all of the key features that a business call needs, with no concealed fees, starting at just $ 10 per drug user per calendar month. additionally, OpenPhone boasts a streamlined exploiter interface and ace customer support, making your experience with the app significantly better .What are the disadvantages of Google Voice? One of the biggest disadvantages of Google Voice ’ s release interpretation is the miss of customer support from Google. If you have any questions or problems with the service, you ’ re on your own. additionally, there are some features that are unavailable with Google Voice, such as toll-free numbers or conceit numbers. You besides can ’ triiodothyronine sign up for Google Voice outside of the United States, and there are no auto-attendant or IVR features. additionally, call quality can be poor at times .Can you port your number from Google Voice to OpenPhone? Yes ! And it only takes a few minutes to port your number from Google Voice to OpenPhone. however, Google does charge a erstwhile $ 3 fee to transfer your total away from Google voice.

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