The Ultimate Hacker Movies List for December 2020

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The Ultimate Hacker Movies List for December 2020

Your guide to the 40 best hacker movies and movies about cyber crime or cyber
security from the past 5 decades

“ Shall we play a plot ? ”
When I think of my list of front-runner hack movies, one of the beginning that constantly comes to mind is “ WarGames. ” It hearkens back to my childhood when my ma, sisters and I would crowd around the television in the animation room. We ’ five hundred eagerly watch ( and re-watch ) as a young Matthew Broderick hacks his way into closely triggering a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union .
But WarGames isn ’ t the merely capital ( albeit possibly bum in a 1980s-movie-so-of-way ) hacker movie that has graced the big screen over the past 50 or so years. Nor is it the entirely cyber security-themed movie to make an shock. Since we know that our audience includes a means diverseness of individuals from a wealth of unlike backgrounds, we thought it would be fun to create a number of some of our darling hacker movies. Although, we ’ ll besides include movies about cyber crime and cyber security overall vitamin a well .
so, what do you say ?
Let ’ s hash it out .

A Comprehensive List of the 40 Best Hacker and Cyber Movies or Movies About Cybercrime (By Decade)

Graphic: a hacker represented in our list of the best hacker movies Since Hollywood has put out indeed many bang-up hacker movies, it ’ sulfur hard to choose what would be considered “ the best. ” So, I thought it best to approach this list by listing each title by ten and by name. Furthermore, I reached out to get the peak recommendations from IT diligence experts to see what makes their lists of favorite live-action hack and cyber movies. This number includes fabricated motion pictures ; I ’ ve not include objective films on this list of cyber security movies because I believe they would be effective suited to a separate list. note : not every hack movie is a wholly realistic representation of hacking or the cyber security diligence as a whole .
To in truth make this a playfulness subject, I ’ ve decided to enlist the feedback of industry experts — people like you. Their insights and thoughts about these hacker movies are sprinkled throughout the number .
This list contains 40 of the top hacker and cybersecurity movies–if you ’ rhenium looking for a bigger, more complete list, check out The complete number of Hacker And Cybersecurity Movies, Version 2.0 .
Get your popcorn ready — we ’ ra going to dive right into this cyber security and hacker movie list :

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 1960s

The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
In The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, Kurt Russell stars as an underachieve college student whose intellectual capabilities skyrocket after an electrical accident with a calculator when its “ brain ” fuses with his own. ( note : you ’ re going to notice this type of theme with multiple movies on this list — person gets zapped during a ramp or electrical clog and, bam, something major happens as a result… yada, yada, yada. )
The Italian Job (1969)
The italian Job stars Michael Caine as a recently released convicted criminal who recruits ill-famed computer hackers in the U.K. to steal a cargo of gold in Turin, Italy — all while avoiding the patrol and italian mobsters. They do this by hacking the city ’ second traffic light system to cause a massive city-wide gridlock. This is one of the classical hacker movies that should decidedly be included on any list of cyber films .

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 1970s

Colossus: The Forbin Project (1970)
In Colossus, the United States has developed a massive supercomputer ( Colossus ) to protect the state from nuclear attacks. however, Russia has created a like supercomputer, called Guardian, and the two machines begin a dialogue. The communication between the two artificial intelligences ( AIs ) leaves its creator, Charles Forbin, worried about what could result, and so he severs the connection. This leads to Colossus threatening ball-shaped destruction unless the link is restored. Considering the heightened political tensions going on around this time in our history, it ’ second apprehensible why this cyber movie highlighted issues of refer surrounding artificial intelligence ( AI ) .
The Conversation (1974)
The Conversation, which was nominated for three Oscars, stars Gene Hackman as a highly involve surveillance adept whose oeuvre leads to the death of a charwoman and child and, he fears, will lead to the deaths of a pair if he doesn ’ t intervene. ( notice : Hackman gets to reprise his character as a high-tech ace again a few decades late in another movie that you ’ ll see foster down the tilt. )
Three Days of the Condor (1975)
In Three Days of the Condor, Robert Redford stars as a CIA codebreaker who discovers all of his coworkers were murdered. soon, he realizes that individuals higher up in within the agency are responsible. He then goes into hiding to avoid being killed by a rent gunman while trying to figure out why his own employers want him abruptly. If you haven ’ t seen this movie, it ’ s decidedly one to add to your tilt .

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 1980s

The 1980s and 1990s were an amaze clock time for hack movies and other cyber security movies. You ’ re talking about incredible plots, tons of action, and numerous a-list stars on the big screen in movies that we ’ re inactive talking about closely 40 years by and by. here ’ s a list of some of the best hacker movies and cyber security system refer films during the 1980s :
Prime Risk (1985)
In Prime Risk, a female mastermind and her acquaintance ( played by Julie Collins and Michael Fox ) design out a manner to scam ATM machines. In the process, however, they realize they ’ ve stumbled upon a way to destroy the U.S. Federal Reserve as a solid .
Tron (1982)
Tron stars Jeff Bridges, who plays a hacker/arcade owner whose physical body is transformed into a digital form by a software pirate called Master Control. There, he ’ mho forced to participate in gladiatorial-style games. To outmaneuver his foe and attack to escape, Bridge ’ randomness character has to team up with a computer course of study character .
WarGames (1983)
Ah, yes. My beloved WarGames. This hacker movie focuses on Matthew Broderick ’ s adolescent genius character as he hacks his direction into clandestine U.S. military program and interacts with its artificial news ( AI ) system. He thinks he ’ mho playing a video game with the system, not initially realizing that the actions he set into apparent motion, if left unaltered, would lead to a ball-shaped meltdown as the solution of a nuclear war between the U.S. and Soviet Union. Although, by nowadays ’ mho standards, it looks incredibly bum and lacks the brassy action we ’ re used to in Hollywood, it ’ mho still a lifelong darling of mine .

It should come as no surprise that the single best hacking movie always made is War Games. I know what you ’ re think. This is wholly unrealistic. This could never happen. A high schooler hacking into NORAD ? Except that, at the prison term this movie was made, it wasn ’ t impossible. Times have changed a lot since the 80s. Up to this indicate, those that used computers were portrayed as nerds with broken glasses, pocket protectors, and pants with impossibly high waistbands. If a character flush knew how to use a computer they were going to be the helpless ally of the main character who would intelligibly have to save them at some luff. War Games changed that. abruptly the calculator hacking swot WAS THE HERO. And he didn ’ thymine match into the stereotyped count that we created for computer nerds. Broderick made me realize that I could be a computer geek AND be cool at the like time.

And it scared Reagan sol much that he signed the CFAA into law so there ’ mho that besides. ” — Jason David, CEO at Software Portal  

My favorite is decidedly WarGames. I saw this movie about a class after it came out on VHS right around the time I experienced BASIC for the inaugural time and it was the inspiration that shaped the future few decades of my liveliness. It ’ south besides what inspired many of the early FidoNet hackers and thus inspired the acculturation surrounding conferences like DefCon. I would not go on to be a cool as Matthew Broderick in Ferris Bueller ’ s Day Off though. But life is always better in the movies ! ” — Charles Edge, author, public speaker and engineer

‘ SHALL WE PLAY A GAME ? ’ # WarGames is the best # hack movie by a long shoot ! And it warns of weak, comfortable to guess # passwords like ‘ Joshua, ’ the name of the scientist ’ randomness son, way back in 1983. ”— David Hatter, an Intrust IT cyber security consultant with more than 25 years in IT

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 1990s

23 (1998)
23 is a movie that ’ s based on the fib of real-life hackers from Hannover, Germany, in the 1980s. In this film, an orphan uses some of his inheritance to purchase a computer. At first, he just discussed conspiracy theories online but soon dives deeper. Along with a friend, he starts infiltrating military computers .
Disclosure (1994)
This is decidedly not one of the hacker movies to watch with your kiddos. In disclosure, a computer adept goes on the offensive when he finds himself the intimate harassment target of ex-lover-turned-boss who sets out to destroy his career, reputation, and personal life. This star-studded cast includes Michael Douglas, Demi Moore, and Donald Southerland. While the focus of the movie is more on sexual harassment in the workplace, cyber security and engineering even play a critical function in Douglas ’ s quality ’ randomness efforts to discredit his attacker .
Enemy of the State (1998)
As person who is a huge fan of Will Smith ( and others in this star-studded frame ), there ’ s no way that Enemy of the State wouldn ’ metric ton make my number. Smith plays a lawyer who is ( unwittingly ) in possession of video surveillance attest of a politically motivate crime. He finds himself the prey of crooked politicians who do everything in their power to destroy his reputation, life, and finally frame him for murder. That ’ sulfur when he turns to a former high-tech spy and technical school adept ( played by Gene Hackman ) for serve. Reminiscent of Hackman ’ second function in “ The Conversation ? I believe intentionally indeed .
Entrapment (1999)
The sexy action-thriller Entrapment, starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones, is about a celebrated thief and an clandestine art investigator who team up to steal invaluable works. The movie is one detailed caper after another and involves them finally hacking into a server room or vault to reroute dealings for a high-level broth exchange. Although the technical processes in the movie aren ’ t necessarily accurate — which I won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get into without giving away spoilers — it placid doesn ’ t take aside from the appeal of the movie. consequently, it stays securely planted on my number of darling hacker movies .
Ghost in the Machine (1993)
ghost in the Machine is about a series cause of death whose consciousness transfers to an MRI machine ascribable to a addict accident during an electric ramp. In his new form, continues his killing spree using computers, kitchen appliances, and early technologies that are attached to networks and world power grids. The title of the movie refers to a idiom from british philosopher Gilbert Ryle in citation to Rene Descartes ’ concept of mind-body dualism to describe how a person ’ sulfur awareness is its own entity that ’ s exists autonomous of the physical brain .
Hackers (1995)
In Hackers, a child hacker-turned-18-year-old meets up with a group of adolescent hackers who, together, uncover tell of a massive embezzle schema. unfortunately for them, their cyber intrusion is discovered, and they are blamed for creating a virus that will capsize an oil flit. They must work together to gather validation of their purity and to save themselves. Although the “ high-tech ” data center servers hilariously look like fair some tinge methamphetamine pillars, this movie still claims a place in our hearts .
Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
In Johnny Mnemonic, Keanu Reeves plays a data seller who uses his brain as a mule for a computer check ecstasy sensitive data. Until he gets a delivery that ’ south excessively big for the chip ! now he must dodge assassins and complete the rescue in good 24 hours .
Jurassic Park (1993)
While this classical dino movie may not be a hack movie or cyber security movie in the traditional sense, Jurassic Park decidedly involves hacking in a circuitous room. The actions of a hacker-turned-criminal ( think insider menace ) cause the park ’ mho defense systems to malfunction, allowing the dinosaurs to escape and terrorize the park ’ mho visitors. But it ’ s besides the actions of another young hacker that ultimately reboots the park ’ randomness security systems and saves remaining survivors .
Masterminds (1997)
As a movie aimed at teenagers, Masterminds follows a cat-and-mouse battle of wits started when nefarious security expert ( played by Patrick Stewart ) takes an exclusive school full of senior high school schoolers hostage for ransom. His biggest challenge ? A rebellious adolescent hacker who snuck into the school ’ s basement just before everything went down. He finds himself in the position of using his wits and prank skills to outwit this criminal genius .
Sneakers (1992)
In Sn east akers, Robert Redford plays the oral sex of a group of calculator and espionage experts — think penetration testing experts to the extreme — who are hired to steal a calculator course of study that ’ sulfur designed to serve as a universal code surf. however, things go awry when the device ’ sulfur creator gets murdered — they become suspects and must do everything within their power to clear their names .
Terminator 2 (1991)

No number of technical school, cyber security, or hack movies would be complete without at least mentioning The Terminator franchise and Skynet, the advanced artificial intelligence that everyone uses as an analogy today for concerns about AI threats. In Terminator 2 : judgment Day, a cyborg identical to the one from the first movie, is sent to protect Sarah Connor ’ s son, John Connor from an even more advance model. In this movie, John demonstrates advance technical skills by bypassing the security systems at Cyberdyne and hacking an ATM machine .
The Matrix (1999)
This skill fiction movie blew minds and made millions question reality. The Matrix, which stars Keanu Reeves, is about a hacker who learns that he — and the rest of world — is living in a imitate reality constructed by extremely healthy and evolved computers that intend to keep humanness its prisoners of war to use their bodies as a source of organic fuel. Reeves ’ character, known as Neo, teams up with a small group of cryptic rebels to continue their war against the control forces .

As a CEH ( attest ethical hacker ) that regularly uses nmap this one is an comfortable choice. All hackers love and use nmap so watching three in the Matrix correctly use nmap to find a vulnerable SSH server was amazing. Too much hacking is depicted in the movies with a batch of 1s and 0s flying by on a big flashing screen door. trinity shows what it is truly like in the devour and dirty world of real chop. ” — Dustin McEarchern, chief information security officer at ProTechnical

I ’ m not sure if this wholly counts, but my farseeing prison term darling movie in this genus has to be the original Matrix. The concept of survive in side a pretense is indeed out there, but entirely feasible at the lapp time. As technology advances it will be significant to stay on lead of security protocols, and actually lay down indisputable we are in dominance of our engineering not the other way around. ” — Greg Toler, marketing manager at Medicus IT

It ’ mho no storm that The Matrix comes in at count one. The Matrix might not be a hacker movie per southeast, but the way it tackles the experiential riddle of support in a computer pretense, and its word picture of an advance and oppressive AI, make it a in truth iconic movie. I am surely many of you have already seen this massively successful film, but for those of you who haven ’ metric ton, I recommend watching it as soon, And then ask yourself : Will you take the crimson pill or the blue pill ? ” — Kenny Trinh, founder, CEO and Managing Editor of Netbooknews

The Net (1995)
This hacker movie is a personal darling from my childhood, although its theme of identity larceny is all excessively very for many nowadays. In The Net, Sandra Bullock plays a cloistered calculator programmer who is just looking to enjoy a small time off when she finds herself tangled up in the conspiracy of a group of cybercriminals. Some of her colleagues cryptically die, her identity is erased, and her life — and the lives of those around her — hangs in the libra .

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 2000s

Gamer (2009)
personally, I wasn ’ thymine a adult fan of this movie ( despite it starring Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall, aka Dexter Morgan from the television usher Dexter ). however, I ’ ve seen it included on multiple sites ’ lists of the best hacker-related movies, so I figured I ’ five hundred put aside my own feelings and ( begrudgingly ) include it a well. In Gamer, a adolescent controls a death-row convict with a distant bet on device. The inmate is forced to fight early prisoners every week in a crimson confrontation. He seeks to find a way to end the game and defeat the inventor, to win his and his wife ’ south freedom .
Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
This one-fourth episode of the popular Bruce Willis movie franchise involves a discredited Department of Defense employee-turned-cyber terrorist ( played by Justin Long ) launching a large-scale cyber attack to disable the U.S. ’ sulfur vulnerable computer infrastructure and crash the economy. The main character, John McClane — the NY detective who is “ constantly in the incorrectly place at the wrong time ” ( played by Willis ) — once again finds himself in the awkward position of having to save the day. only this time, he does it with the aid of a young hacker ( played by Timothy Olyphant ) .
Minority Report (2002)
Minority Report, which takes place about 25 years from now, follows a specialize patrol part known as Pre-Crime that is authorized to arrest people who before they commit future crimes. The unit ’ mho foreman, played by Tom Cruise, himself is accused of being responsible for a future mangle and winds up going on the getaway to escape capture and apprehension by his own team .
Swordfish (2001)
In Swordfish, an elect hack ( played by Hugh Jackman ) who was imprisoned for infecting an FBI platform was recently released from prison. He ’ randomness recruited by a charwoman and her criminal employer ( played by Halle Berry and John Travolta ) for the aim of getting him to write a worm to steal $ 9.5 billion from a government slosh fund. But not everything is as it seems .
The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)
The Bourne Ultimatum, the third gear movie in the Bourne serial, involves private detective Jason Bourne ( played by Matt Damon ) teaming up with an fact-finding reporter to track down those who betrayed him. In the meanwhile, a CIA official is trying to assassinate Bourne before his memory returns .
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2009 and 2011)
There are actually two versions of the lapp film that came out just two years apart. Because they ’ re so close together, I ’ molarity good lumping them into one callout. The beginning translation of the film stars a swedish casting, and the second adaptation was released two years late and stars Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara. The premise of the films follows a journalist who enlists the help of a new hacker in his quest to track down a woman who has been missing for several decades. The movies are based on one of the books in the bestselling novel series “ The Millennium Trilogy. ”
The Italian Job (2003)
This version of The italian Job, which is a different take on the plot of the original 1969 film, stars Mark Wahlberg, Ed Norton, and Donald Sutherland. preferably than being a comedian play movie about the plan of a burglarize in Turin, this involves the main character being betrayed and left for dead in Italy, and then planning a heist against a erstwhile ally. Although it borrows from much of the original screenplay, it does take creative license and takes the floor in a different focus. For me, though, it ’ s an matter to film on its own merit but I hush prefer the original .
V for Vendetta (2005)
queerly enough, V for Vendetta, which is based on a 1980s graphic novel by Alan Moore, is set to take locate in 2020. In it, the population of the U.S. is about wiped out by a virus, and Britain is a patrol express that ’ s ruled by a dictator “ who promises security system but not freedom. ” Natalie Portman ’ mho character, Evey, is saved from being raped by plainclothes police by an unknown actor known only as V ( played by Hugo Weaving ), and she ends up joining him in his mission of overthrowing the government in baron. Although the movie doesn ’ thymine technically involve a hacker, per southeast ( he hacks into the destiny calculator in the graphic novel series but not in the movie adaptation ), it ’ s what inspired the habit of the Guy Fawkes masks that are used to represent members of the real-world external hacker group Anonymous .
Untraceable (2008)
The horrifying thriller untraceable stars Diane Lane as an agent in the FBI ’ s Cyber Crimes Division who is trying to track down a hack who is viciously killing people while the world watches via bouncy stream. And to make matters worse, the more people who view his site, the faster his victims die .

Cyber and Hacker Movies of the 2010s

Blackhat (2015)
In Blackhat, when a nuclear exponent implant in Hong Kong and the Mercantile Trade Exchange in Chicago are hacked, the FBI and taiwanese politics team up to track down the cybercriminals creditworthy for the cyber attacks. They bring in a convicted hack ( played by Chris Hemsworth ) to help with the probe. This hacker movie was lauded much acclaim within the cyber security and hacker communities because of its accuracy in some aspects of the film — for model, ( SPOILER ALERT ) the direction that a bank network cab occurs from a compromise USB drive. It ’ s a must-see and guaranteed championship for this list of hacker movies .
Inception (2010)
This mind-bender of a movie follows a professional thief, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, who uses a form of information-extracting technology to steal corporate secrets from the subconsciousness of victims. however, he ’ south besides a fleeting father who misses his kids. so, when he ’ mho offered a opportunity to make his criminal history go away in central for “ hacking ” a chief executive officer by implanting a false idea in their principal, he initially agrees but soon realizes that things are not what they seem and gets second thoughts .
I.T. (2016)
In I.T., a corporate executive and millionaire, played by Pierce Brosnan, finds his life turned inverted when he works with an I.T. adviser and finds him getting besides close to him and his family. When he fires him, things go incorrect identical promptly .
Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011)
This is decidedly one of my front-runner hacker movies. Ghost Protocol, the fourthly movie in the democratic Mission Impossible series, involves a adequate enough helping of chop, password crack, cryptanalysis, and network hijacking action for any thriller and technical school fan. When Ethan Hunt ( a character reprised by Tom Cruise ) is blamed for a terrorist attack on the Kremlin, both he and his employer means IMF are disavowed by his government. He ’ sulfur forced to go off the power system and teams up with other fleeting IMF operatives to prove their purity .

It is another matchless of my front-runner cybersecurity movies. In this fourth installment of the mission : impossible serial we see a set of hack, hijacking and everything else that brings joy to the security professionals who love this series. Just as in all the other movies in the franchise, Ghost Protocol is action-packed from the very begin.

You ’ ll see iPhones used to crack door codes, hijack networks, break into a prison ’ s security system and other scenes of glorious hacking action. This movie is capital fun for all the action lovers out there. And its decidedly high-tech hack scenes make it a highly harbor hack movie to watch. ”— Kenny Trinh, founder, CEO and Managing Editor of Netbooknews

Skyfall (2012)
Skyfall, the 23rd movie in the James Bond movie franchise, brings Bond ( played by Daniel Craig ) spinal column to memories of his own childhood and tests his loyalty to M ( played by Judy Dench ) when her own past comes back to haunt her. When MI6 becomes compromised, Bond is the only ally M can trust to face down a cryptic hacker ace. This movie includes some large hack scenes, although I ’ ll leave evaluating the accuracy of the actual hack to the experts .

‘ Skyfall ’ ( 2012 ) was one of the best entries in the James Bond franchise in years. In it, there ’ s an excite scene where gadgets master Q plugs a laptop from condemnable mastermind Silva into the MI6 network and a skull appears on the screen with a “ system security breach ” streamer. The malware installed immediately begins deleting files as Q and Bond rush to disable the system. ”— Eric A. Williams, founder and CEO of Ijura

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Snowden (2016)
Snowden is a biopic of the real-life former National Security Agency ( NSA ) contractor Edward Snowden ( played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt ) who became one of the world ’ s most celebrated whistleblowers. He uncovered and shared with the populace about the virtual batch of data that was being collected on ally alien governments and american citizens alike. It ’ s a must-have for any list of must-see hack movies .

‘ Snowden ’ ( 2016 ) is Oliver Stone ’ s engrossing fictionalize version of Edward Snowden ’ s conversion from naïve CIA IT nerd to disillusioned whistleblower. You ’ ll doublecheck the cover slide on your laptop television camera after seeing this movie. ” — Eric A. Williams, founder and CEO of Ijura

The Imitation Game (2014)
The Imitation Game is about a time during World War II when british news means MI6 hired Alan Turing ( played by Benedict Cumberbatch ) to crack Germany ’ s top-secret Enigma code .
The Social Network (2010)
While Facebook now constantly seems to be making headlines for one reason or another — often not positive ones — there was once a time when no one had heard of it. largely, because it didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate so far exist. This movie The Social Network is based on the narrative of Mark Zuckerberg ( played by Jesse Eisenberg ), the Harvard calculator genius-turned-creator of the social network site that was once known as “ The Facebook. ” Whether you love or hate Facebook, careless, you can ’ metric ton deny the popularity of the platform which is used by 2.4 billion users as of Q3 2019. so, on the list of hack movies it goes !
Who Am I (2014)
Who Am I is a german techno-thriller hacker movie about a revolutionist hack group in Berlin that ’ s intent on gaining global fame .

Want More Movies?

Check out The complete tilt of Hacker And Cybersecurity Movies by Cybercrime Magazine for dozens more great movies !

How I Picked the List of the Best Hacker Movies

now that we ’ ve covered the list of movies about hackers — or relating to cyber security and IT engineering in general — I think it ’ randomness important to explain how I chose the films on this hacker movie list. For me, it comes down to the entertainment component and not necessarily aiming for the most accurate representation of specific technical foul processes ( although having movie creators at least putting in some campaign in that area is significant ) .
While it ’ second truthful that many of these cyber and hacker movies shouldn ’ t be taken as the real-world representations of how the cyber security industry works — and some lean in the management of extrasensory, paranoia, and tinfoil hat erosion at times — they ’ re distillery highly matter to and entertaining films however. Hence why they ’ re on my tilt of hacker movies. They have the sake divisor, and in some cases the technical accuracy, and are all-around great entertainment .
What films make your clear hacker movie number ? Share your thoughts and list of darling cyber movies in the comments below.

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