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Becoming a formidable hair styling clientele is about more than just being the best at your job. It ’ mho besides about forwarding, customer retention, and commercial enterprise grok. fortunately, there are a variety of hairdresser apps that can help you build and manage your small business and leave you the time to create a real style trade name. The key is to find the right hairdresser app for you .
In this article we ’ ve created a list of apps for hairstylists that handle everything you need at the salon. Scheduling and management to photo edit and fiscal tools, we ’ ve got you covered !

Booking and Scheduling

Take care of one of the biggest hassles in the style universe by using one of these across-the-board book and scheduling hair salon apps. Find the right hairdresser app for you.

StyleSeat-Salon Appointment 

One of the best apps for hairstylists, this smasher and barber app is more than just your typical schedule software…it actually helps you get booking directly through Instagram. On the clientele management conclusion, they offer calendar services on which you can manage your appointment times, ampere well as handiness and time off .
Designed for both hairdresser and node, StyleSeat besides sends automatic pistol appointee reminders to your customers so they never miss a seance. They besides offer vulnerability to new clients through their market platform. finally, as a true all in one app, this app besides accepts touchless credit card payments. Find out more about StyleSeat here .

DaySmart Salon Software

DaySmart is a commercial enterprise management app for hairstylists that allows you to create a customer database, track fiscal metrics, dispatch on-line bookings, and process payment all in one place. Delegating these services to the DaySmart app allows you more time and energy to commit toward advertise and differently building your style business. Find out more here

Vagaro Pro

This schedule and management app for your salon offers five chief services :

  • Booking and calendar, including sending automated emails and text reminders to your clients
  • POS and credit card processing
  • Reporting (payroll management, etc.)
  • Marketing

You get all this for a $ 25 monthly fee, and they tied offer one calendar month free to try it out. The system besides offers automatic synchronize and accompaniment so you ’ ll never lose your information .

Calendar Hero

Calendar Hero can streamline all of your schedule, and evening integrates with all television suffer software. This can allow you to schedule appointments and meet with vendors, investors, salon owners, and clients mighty on your call. Focus all of your “ real biography ” face time on your styling appointments .

Marketing, Social Media, and Design

These tools are designed for styling purposes and promotion. Create a expect, or post your clients ’ “ after ” shots online to help promote your on-line business brand .


You can design anything on the Canva app. This photograph editor program allows you to create logos, promotional materials, and videos that can then be shared to your web site or social media channels .


Developed by Google, SnapSeed is a professional-level photograph and television editor program. Use this app to create beautiful node pictures for selling purposes. Find it on Google Play and the App Store .

HairColour Booth

HairColour Booth is a fun app that can help your clients get a estimable picture of how a specific color would suit their expressive style. Upload a photograph of your customer and the software has a overplus of colors you can choose to touch up the hair on the painting. An indecisive node can then decide whether they REALLY want brilliantly pink hair, or find that blond doesn ’ metric ton actually complement their clamber tonicity.

Financial Apps

These following apps are created to assist in the banking and accounting part of the hairstyling business. Use this hairdresser app software to lift the burden of tracking the money side of things .


NorthOne is a business trust app that allows you to forego the hassle of dealing with a brick and mortar savings bank. Mobile bank allows you to control all transactions right from your phone ( including client payments and invoicing ), and the software can be integrated to work with apps and tools you are already using for your occupation. Get started with NorthOne small business services here .

Accounting: QuickBooks/Xero

Both QuickBooks and Xero are accounting apps that allow you to organize your work life with a series of services like bill creation and track, cash flow and finance care, and profit and loss track reports. Best of all, these apps are both set up for integration with NorthOne deposit. This allows you to streamline your bank and accounting then that you have more clock time for the more stimulate parts of your hairstyling business .

Sales Apps

These last few hairdresser apps are designed for taking payment and creating a payroll for employees. It ’ s not the sexiest part of the business, but it ’ south surely one of the most authoritative and rewarding !

Square POS

Square is one of the most democratic POS software brands on the market. Take batten payments anywhere–on your earphone, laptop, tablet, or through your web site. Square works for you, no matter the size of your clientele. Help keep chase of your armory, send invoices to clients, and peruse sales reports all in one place .

Toast POS

Toast is a great hairdresser app, it is a POS service that was built to serve the restaurant industry, but can be evenly helpful as a hair stylist app due to its appointment-based arrangement. Cloud-run and secure, Toast allows you to order materials and take procure payments.

Gusto (Payroll)

Running payroll is precisely no one ’ sulfur darling part of the business. Gusto allows salon owners to automate your payroll organization. With just a few taps of the finger, you can well organize and manage your employees ’ hours, work force costs, time off, and holidays. Don ’ t bother hiring an extra person to take manage of all of these jobs…the Gusto Payroll app can do it all for you .


even the most talented hairdresser in the world can use help in creating a style conglomerate. This variety of hair stylist apps are designed to give you the boost you need to build your brand and plowshare your endowment with the world .

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