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The 3 Best IP Camera Apps for Android Devices

Daniel Ross

If you have a mish-mash of IP cameras from different brands in your DIY Home Security Camera System like me, an IP camera viewer app can be quite handy. Of course, there are a few different ways to monitor all your cameras in a single locate.

But a individual app on your Android smartphone or tabloid is arguably the most convenient. The merely requirement is that all your IP television camera should ideally support the ONVIF diligence standard, or at least provide an RTSP/MJPEG flow. ONVIF allows you to mix and match cameras from different manufacturers. A quick note : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains affiliate link ( randomness ). An affiliate connect means I may earn ad or referral fees if you make a purchase through my connect, at no supernumerary cost to you .

The Best IP Camera Apps for Android

1. tinyCAM Monitor

tinyCAM Monitor Pro - VueVilleFeatures

  • 2-way audio on selected models
  • Motion detection (both in-app and on-camera), face detection
  • Video recording (local storage, time-lapse, FTP/FTPS, Amazon Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, ownCloud)
  • Background/DVR mode (background recording and motion detection)
  • Internal web server for remote recordings playback and live view
  • Android Wear app & Google Cast (Chromecast) support
  • TV support (Android TV, Amazon Fire TV)
  • Home screen and lock screen widgets
  • Floating windows
  • Tasker automation plugin support

This app in truth stands out for a variety of reasons. It has a beautiful interface that ’ randomness been thoughtfully designed. But its not form over function. The overplus of features is plainly mind-blowing. This app is plainly one of the best I have used on Android. It is besides identical responsive and has been super stable over the past 4 years that I have been using it on a wide range of Android devices. aside from supporting ONVIF, the television camera can automatically detect and set up over 10,000 different television camera models. FOr case, the automatic pistol read detected my Reolink C1 Pro IP television camera which didn ’ t happen with the other 2 apps I tested. For matrix or multi-camera view, you can pick any of the 17 different layouts. Most of them besides auto-rotate when you rotate your device to portrait ( vertical ) or landscape ( horizontal ) mode. This is how the portrait 3-camera position looks like on my Samsung Galaxy A5 : How to access your DIY security cameras remotely using a NAS VPN server - tinyCAM Monitor Pro - VueVille There is an ad-supported dislodge version with restrict features and a give pro interpretation. We recommend choosing the pro app because of all the extra features at a ace moo price of less than $ 5. On my Galaxy A5, the app mechanically picked the hardware acceleration choice for my Reolink C1 Pro. It can well do 10 federal protective service for 4 cameras simultaneously on the sub-stream. I use the app as my baby monitor app and the advanced sound recording features such as audio amplification are a bang-up touch. PROS :

  • Tons of features such as face detection
  • Presets for wide range of IP cameras
  • Great value
  • Supports in-camera motion detection also
  • Optional cloud platform

convict :

  • Lacks advanced motion detection methods such as line crossing

Smart Home Checklist

  • Cloud reliant: No
  • Smart home compatibility: ONVIF, RTSP, Tasker and Web server built-in
  • Subscription fees: None, one-time purchase

2. IP Cam Viewer Pro

IP Camera Viewer Pro - VueVilleFeatures

  • 1600+ devices supported including NVRs and DVRs
  • RTSP, ONVIF, MMSH supported
  • MPEG4/H265/H264/MJPEG codec support
  • Controls PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) cameras
  • Camera grouping, auto sequence
  • Automatic camera detection
  • Home screen and lock screen widgets
  • 2-way audio and background audio support for many devices
  • In-app motion detection
  • Record mode for 24/7 recording of all cameras
  • Embedded web server for remote control of app, Tasker integration, or use as a transcoder/proxy
  • Chromecast and Android Wear support

While this app is surely running, the interface is a disappointment compared to our app of choice, tinyCAM. The feel I got was of using an app from the early years of Android. There ’ sulfur no fabric design here. large blockish buttons and huge fonts dominate. The graphic designer seems to have taken a identical workmanlike set about to designing the UI. But the app undeniably does do what it claims to do. apart from supporting ONVIF, the camera can automatically detect and set up over 1726 different cameras. The automatic scan however could not detect my Reolink C1 Pro IP camera. There is an ad-supported unblock adaptation with limited features and a pay pro version. PROS :

  • Tons of features
  • Presets for wide range of IP cameras
  • Great value
  • Supports in-camera motion detection also

victimize :

  • Poor UI
  • Cannot detect in-camera motion detection
  • Lacks advanced motion detection methods

Smart Home Checklist

  • Cloud reliant: No
  • Smart home compatibility: ONVIF, RTSP, Tasker and Web server built-in
  • Subscription fees: None, one-time purchase

3. ONVIF IP Camera Monitor (Onvifer)

ONVIF IP Camera Monitor (Onvifer)-  VueVilleFeatures

  • Supports ONVIF, RTSP/MJPEG/H.264
  • Records MP4 clips
  • Can auto-discover all ONVIF devices instantly
  • Supports PTZ cameras
  • Has snapshot preview widgets on Android home screen
  • Supports viewing multiple cameras simultaneously

While this app is nowhere equally democratic as tinyCAM, its a decent campaign. The exploiter interface is not arsenic polished as tinyCAM but still quite good. Its not as rich in feature either, but it does all the basics well. There is an ad-supported free version with limited features and a gainful pro translation.


  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Presets for wide range of IP cameras
  • Great value

memorize :

  • Basic UI
  • No motion detection support at all
  • Lacks advanced features such as 2-way audio, video widgets, web server, API, Android Wear, Chromecast support

Smart Home Checklist

  • Cloud reliant: No
  • Smart home compatibility: ONVIF, RTSP
  • Subscription fees: None, one-time purchase

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Comparison Table

App/Feature tinyCam Monitor Pro IP Cam Viewer Pro Onvifer Pro
Auto scan camera Yes
PTZ support Yes
Camera sub stream Yes, auto-switch on mobile networks Yes
Motion detection In-Camera and In-app, Face detection, Email notification In-Camera and In-app, Email notification No
24/7 recording SD, FTP, Cloud services and NAS SD, FTP, Cloud services No
Audio 2-way, background audio, baby monitor features 2-way, background audio Listen to camera audio only
Home Automation Web server, Tasker No
Cloud reliance No, cloud viewing optionally available No No
Wearable support Android Wear
TV support Chromecast
Widgets Home screen live video widget Home screen snapshot widget
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What are the pros and cons of using an IP camera viewer app?

While there are quite a few ways to view all your cameras in one plaza, the smartphone camera spectator app is a popular option. here are the pros and cons of using a security television camera viewer app :

  • Easy to set up
  • ONVIF, RTSP camera support
  • Great for home automation
  • Very cost-effective

memorize :

  • Limited number of IP camera channels vs. NVR
  • 24/7 recording challenging on mobile devices
  • Non-ONVIF camera support may be limited
  • Requires a dedicated mobile device or computer
  • CCTV over Wi-Fi is not 100% reliable

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What to look for in an IP Camera app

Automatically detect ONVIF compliant cameras
Some apps can mechanically scan your net and detect supported IP cameras. You fair need to type in the username and password. This feature can save you a set of prison term and the hassle of typing in IP addresses and port numbers. This will work entirely for ONVIF compliant cameras by the way. RTSP and P2P camera support
The industry criterion for streaming CCTV video is the real Time Streaming Protocol ( RTSP ) protocol. The beauty of RTSP is that adenine long as an IP television camera can provide an RTSP stream and your watch software supports RTSP, all you need is the RTSP pour URL and login details. The viewing software doesn ’ thyroxine have to support the television camera itself, making it possible for you to use a across-the-board assortment of IP cameras with a individual viewer software or app. precisely what we want ! These days, some IP television camera manufacturers enable P2P support in their cameras. This means each camera has a Unique Identifier ( UID ) code. You need only this single code to add the camera to your television camera viewing app. What ’ s more, it will work outside your home network without any extra shape. No IP address, port forwarding etc. to bother with. But P2P uses a third-party servicing, so your security and privacy is lower than when using your own secure VPN burrow. Preset settings for popular IP cameras
While ONVIF support is sufficient to view your television camera in your camera spectator app, you may want to take advantage of some extra features of your camera that doesn ’ thymine function over ONVIF. A good example is the PTZ controls of your ONVIF-compatible PTZ camera such as the Reolink RLC-423. Another example is detecting alerts sent by PIR sensors on your indoor IP camera. so what ’ s the solution ? Some IP camera apps come with extra presets for the most popular IP cameras. That means you can use most of the features your television camera ’ s native app has. Win-win ! Motion detection and 24/7 recording
If some of your IP cameras do not have motion signal detection or are not capital at it, you can have the viewer app perform it alternatively. Some apps can both perform their own motion detection or use the motion detection triggers from the television camera itself. Some apps can besides do 24/7 recording to an SD tease or to a net device like a NAS. Recording to a disjoined network device is recommended because SD card will wear out quickly under continuous recording conditions. Switch camera stream
For most smartphones and tablets, decoding multiple 1080p or higher streams is besides resource intensive. What normally happens is dropped frames, or lacuna screens. thankfully, any good IP camera will have both a high timbre stream and a lower quality mobile-optimized pour. a good spectator app will let you switch between the high quality and broken quality streams. What ’ south more the best apps will mechanically choose the mobile-optimized stream if you are on a 3G/4G mobile net. This will besides keep your data use gloomy. 2-way audio
If your IP camera supports 2-way audio and has both a speaker and a microphone, you can use the spectator app to chat with person at the other end. Of class your television camera needs to support full-duplex sound recording to have a natural 2-way conversation. On the early hand, if your television camera is most cameras and has only half-duplex sound recording, your conversations are going to be of the walkie-talkie assortment sadly. Background audio and recording support
If you are using your IP television camera as baby monitor or DVR/NVR, the last thing you want is to keep you mobile earphone screen on or tied worse, the spectator app active on screen at all times. So the answer is background audio defend – which keeps the app recording and audio from your cameras act, even if you are looking at other apps or even lock/switch off the earphone screen. Chromecast and Android Wear support
Got a wearable device ? then Android Wear support is ace cool. Chromecast support lets you turn your television into a colossus CCTV monitor ! such fun ! API and/or Web server for remote control
Integrating home security television camera systems with home automation is the holy place grail for DIY enthusiasts like me. What truly helps is getting the viewer app to do certain actions when triggered by the home automation system or vice versa. An API or HTTP web server running on the Android device enables such functionality. Read more : How I linked my Hikvision security system cameras to my HomeSeer home automation system Reliability
It goes without saying, you want a stable authentic app that will keep going day in and day out. This is specially crucial if you will rely on it for baby monitor, 24/7 recording etc.

While there are dozens of free IP camera viewer apps, most of them are riddle with ads and early nasties you don ’ metric ton want on your calculator. So this is one area where you decidedly get what you pay for .
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With most exempt IP camera apps being first gear quality, and the super low-cost prices of paid apps, it is a no-brainer to choose a pay up IP television camera app. Our option is the excellent tinyCam Monitor Pro app and we trust you will be happy with it excessively. A quick notice : As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This post contains consort associate ( randomness ). An affiliate connection means I may earn ad or referral fees if you make a purchase through my link, at no extra cost to you .

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