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At one time, QR codes were considered the cool, energetic way to connect brands with consumers online. unfortunately, the technical school didn ’ t quite explode the room some people had hoped. While QR codes have proved utilitarian and are hush around, they are barely omnipresent. however, scanning a QR code is frequently the fastest and most commodious direction to access a world wide web foliate, and brands frequently use these codes on their intersection packaging or promotional materials to guide consumers to product information or special offers. Both io and Android devices have built-in QR code reader capabilities. Apple ’ s Camera app and Wallet app have embedded QR code readers and Android ’ s Google Assistant can help you connect to a QR code via Google Assistant or Google Lens. If these built-in solutions are excessively obscure or not robust enough for your taste, there are abundant third-party QR code scanner apps out there for both platforms. We ’ ve selected the best apps available for Android and io .
In the interim, please see our usher on how to scan a QR code with your iPhone or Android device .

Free QR Scanner

The Android-only app from Simple Design is one of the most popular QR code scanner apps. It ’ sulfur release to use and lets you save QR codes to your telephone or well share them with friends. You can cursorily toggle on your flashlight from within the app to scan codes in a dark environment, create QR codes, and view your scan history. Unlike some apps, this scanner doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate necessitate for a crowd of permissions, precisely access to your camera.


Kaspersky QR Scanner

Kaspersky QR Scanner is one of the best free third-party scanning apps for io and Android. Developed by the cybersecurity experts at Kaspersky, it does what you ’ five hundred expect a QR scanning app from a cybersecurity party to do : scan for insecure and malicious QR codes. It ’ s as easy to use as your smartphone ’ s native Camera app. It promptly checks the security of every QR code you scan with it, providing a warn whenever it encounters a chancy link. It besides brings the lend benefit of a History tab, so you can promptly return to the websites associated with by QR codes .
Android io

NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner

NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner Unlike your mobile native Camera app, NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner can scan barcodes ampere well as QR codes. so in addition to scanning a QR code and bringing up a associate, you can besides use it to scan a product ’ mho barcode and search for the product on the web. This is very handy when you find an detail while shopping in the store that you ’ d prefer to regulate on-line. NeoReader QR & Barcode Scanner is available for both Android and io. It ’ south easily to use, and it lets you go back through your history of scan QR codes and barcodes. It ’ second detached to download but comes with an choice to pay a modest fee to remove pop fly ads .
Android io

QR Reader for Android

Developed by the U.K.-based TapMedia, this QR scanning app can scan QR codes promptly and effortlessly. What sets it apart from the crowd is that it can besides be used to scan a kind of unlike things. For case, it can be used to scan Sudoku puzzles and store them on your smartphone, so you can play them on the go. It can besides be used to contribution QR codes via electronic mail or social media .

QR Code Reader ϟ

QR Code Reader.
TapMedia has a pas seul of its QR Reader for io that can scan anything from QR codes, barcodes, puzzles, business cards, and PDF documents. A database scanner can send barcodes to a server. The app ’ s auto-detect lets you merely point and hold to scan mechanically and share via electronic mail, messenger, Facebook, or Twitter. Or you can create your own QR codes and export them as PNG or SVG files .

QR Code Reader & QR Scanner

QR Code Reader & QR Scanner.
Developed by MixerBox, QR Code Reader & QR Scanner is available only for iPhone. It can scan a wide variety of 1D and 2D code types, including QR codes, barcodes, EAN-13 codes, and more. It scans very cursorily and besides saves a history of your scans, so you can go binding to a QR code very quickly. One nice touch is that it supports flashlight use while the app is working, so you can scan QR codes in the dark. QR Code Reader & QR Scanner is spare to download, although you can pay a minor fee to remove the ads .

QR & Barcode Scanner/QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Free

This app is an extensive scan device that can handle QR codes arsenic well as barcodes, so you can conduct your inquiry while you shop. The app automatically creates a new contact in your telephone using the QR codes, including touch information. It can do the lapp thing with Wi-Fi networks, calendar events, product data, SMS messages, and other connect features, making the datum management process immediate and more straightforward .
Android io

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