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The new pi-top modular laptop introduces a breakthrough combination of hardware, software and tools, creating an ideal electronic design chopine for inventors, designers and makers of the future. Education technology company pi-top today launched a brand raw modular laptop designed to make experiment, coding and build electronics, bare and fun. The modern pi-top laptop is a brawny platform that is ideal for both consumers and students and includes a “ sliding ” keyboard that allows users to access and engage with internal components and promote with kits for a master of ceremonies of inventions and experiments .
“ pi-top ’ sulfur deputation is to provide knock-down, cheer products that bring science, engineering, engineering, arts and mathematics to animation, ” said Jesse Lozano, CEO of pi-top. “ Our newest-generation of modular laptops helps achieve that goal. now, anyone from young musicians to scientists to software developers to inventors can explore and create fantastic new projects using the pi-top laptop. We ’ rhenium offer learning beyond the screen and keyboard, enabling wider exploration of computer skill and basic electronics, ensuring that young learners have the opportunity to be inspired by a global of STEAM-based learn. ”
Following the ball-shaped achiever of its first coevals of products – which were sold in 80+ countries – the new modular laptop, pi-top, features several key enhancements, including :

  • Beautiful display with a 14-inch 1080P Full High-Definition LCD screen
  • A full-sized sliding keyboard to allow easy access to an in-built modular rail which enables custom-built invention projects
  • The latest Raspberry Pi 3 micro-computer with custom Cooling Bridge
  • 8 – 10 hours of battery life, providing lots of power for making
  • Built-in cloud management to provide additional storage and remote access to user data

The modern pi-top comes with an lease, fun inventor ’ south kit out, which includes all the components needed to create projects ranging from music to space themes. Step-by-step guides in the pi-topCODER app trace dozens of invention pathways that enable the user to explore three engaging journeys together – Music Master, Smart Robot and Space Race .
The pi-top laptop besides offers educational entertainment applications, including Minecraft for Pi and CEEDuniverse, an stimulate distance exploration plot designed by pi-top to help develop code and calculator skill skills. End-users dispatch the final assembly of the pi-top laptop through a few dim-witted steps, giving them a real-world, hands-on computing know.

Beyond this, the pi-topOS Polaris software suite remains the only education engineering chopine endorsed by UK awarding board OCR ( Oxford Cambridge RSA Review Board ) and comes with dozens of herculean cryptography and office apps. Using the include software cortege, users can browse the web, check emails, have access to a full Microsoft Office compatible work cortege, and more, enabling a seamless have between a pi-top laptop and other laptops.

As part of the development process, the pi-top R & D team incorporated feedback from over 1,000 teachers, students and schools to create an engage platform which integrates all elements of STEAM eruditeness, making them accessible to users at any stage of teach .
“ As we look at the challenges facing this generation of children, our deputation, to inspire and develop the makers of tomorrow, is more significant than always. This is why we have designed a creative platform that draws on multi-disciplinary STEAM strategies where new cognition is constructed quite than transmitted, ” said Mr. Lozano .
The arrangement is priced at $ 319, and is besides available without a Raspberry Pi for $ 284.99. To learn more about pi-top please visit : .

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