The 20 most common Android problems and how to fix them!

Android surely is a great mobile operating system, but like any software, it besides faces some issues that make themselves particularly present after a while you ’ ve used it. Some of these problems are indeed common that they can be found on about any Android device .
so that you don ’ t have to always look for individual solutions for each and every one of them, we have selected all the ones that are most normally found on Android smartphones and the best and most efficient ways to fix them. Enjoy the tips !

1. Short battery life

The exponent and the engineering on smartphones increase by the sidereal day, but the battery doesn ’ t increase much in size, which can result in shorter barrage lives. however, newer phones have more efficient processing units, which results in a longer battery even if they ’ re smaller .
There are a few things you can try to make your battery last a bite long, listed below :

  • Don’t use LTE (4G). 3G uses much less battery;
  • Turn off your Location, unless you actively need it;
  • Turn off your Bluetooth;
  • Restrict heavy application usage (such as some of the best Android games);
  • Avoid overheating your device;
  • Turn your brightness down;
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi, unless you’re actively using it.

If even after you do all of that, you don ’ t see any improvement at all on how long a battery charge lasts, you can take your phone repair shop and ask for a battery refilling. And if even that doesn ’ thyroxine show any results, well, it might be time for a new phone .
Short battery life

2. Connectivity issues

One of the most common Android problems is connectivity related. You know that moment when, out of nowhere, you start having problems with your connection, whether it is Wi-Fi, your fluid data, your mobile plan, or even the Bluetooth ? Well, you don ’ t need to panic .
Most much, you don ’ metric ton even need to turn it off and rear on again. Your first step should be to turn on the airplane mode for a few seconds and then turn it off. After that, your problems should be fixed. however, if they aren ’ thymine, you should then proceed to turning your call murder and on again !

3. Apps acting slow on Android

Is that game or that app you liked so much suddenly loading extremely lento, crashing during use, or anything of the sort ? The trouble might very well not be your device itself, but actually the version of the app that ’ s presently installed on your telephone .
Open up the Google Play Store to see if it hasn ’ t gotten any new updates, since they ’ re normally released when raw problems in the app are found. even if there aren ’ t any updates, uninstalling the app, rebooting the phone, and installing it again could fix the problem .
Apps acting slow on Android common Android problems

4. The device has shut down and won’t turn back on

sometimes, your smartphone can barely go wyrd and turn off by itself, whether that happens for no rationality at all or because your battery has completely uncharged. however, when you press the power button to turn it on, it doesn ’ thymine indicate any signal of life sentence ! Well, there ’ s no need to worry excessively much about it .
If your battery has gone wholly empty and your phone won ’ thymine turn on even while plugged into the charger, leave the device alone for a few minutes and try again. When the barrage is completely drained, it is common to take a few minutes for the telephone to turn on again .
If the problem persists, or if the problem international relations and security network ’ t even that the barrage has drained, do the following : press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. typically, this jazz band lets you take a screenshot on your Android, but when it is powered off, these buttons force the device to show some boot options .
If they don ’ metric ton do anything for you, you should google “ device model recovery mode , and follow the guide. After that, you ’ ll see respective options and you can move through them by pressing the bulk buttons, but you should merely focus on the first ) normally, a large, green “Start” text .
To select this option, merely press the world power button, and your Android should boot up .

5. System is sluggish or crashing

Over time, some of the older Android versions tend to get slower and slower naturally. In this encase, the best thing to do is to check if there ’ s official support for the update to a newer Android version. however, tied if there isn ’ thymine, we have a few tips to help you solve what is one of the most common Android problems .
It ’ s a estimable idea to not have excessively many files accumulating on your SD card or your inner memory for no rationality, such as photos and videos that can be stored on your personal computer or on a cloud repositing overhaul without any problems .
other than that, you should always close up the apps after having used them, or they will keep using your telephone ’ sulfur CPU and RAM, and in act, make it much slower .
finally, go to the Settings on your telephone and spirit for the “Apps” check. There, you will be able to uninstall everything you don ’ thymine practice anymore or clear the cache of your applications, which will make your device run much faster and will avoid one of the most normally found issues on Android phones .
System is sluggish or crashing common Android problems

6. Google Play Store is not working

Something quite common to happen to many ( most ? ) Android users is trying to open up the Google Play Store to look for fresh apps or check for updates entirely to find out that the shop just closes by itself right after you open it up .
This is by far one of the most coarse Android problems that happen in basically all of its versions. fortunately, it is in truth comfortable to fix it :
Go to the Settings app on your device and search for the “Apps” check. You ’ ll see a full tilt of your install applications, among which will be one called Google Play Services. Click on it and then choose the Clear Cache choice. Afterward, all you need to do is to reboot your device for the Google Play Store to start working normally again !

7. Google Play Store won’t download any of your apps

Since we ’ rhenium talking about the Google Play Store, it is worth mentioning the problem in which the store just refuses to download any app you choose. This is a truly annoyance and annoying thing, but at least it is easy to fix .
First off, follow all the steps we ’ ve mentioned so army for the liberation of rwanda in the previous section and clear the Google Play Services ‘ hoard and data. Reboot your Android device and, if the trouble persists, plainly delete your download history in the Google Play Store itself .

8. The Google Play Store is missing

Don ’ thyroxine worry, because you haven ’ t deleted what possibly is the most significant app on your earphone by accident. In fact, this is impossible to do unless you have rooted your device and downloaded a specific app to delete the Play Store. If it has gone missing, what is probably to have happened is that you disabled the app .
To fix this trouble, follow to the “Apps” yellow journalism within your Settings and look for the Google Play Store app. It might be hidden under another tab called Disabled, which you can reach normally by scrolling to the side from the independent Apps pill .
When you find it, tap on it and, in the options that will show up, you will see the “Enable” button ( or “Disable , if it is already enabled ), if this is the trouble, If you see it, precisely compress this button and everything should go binding to normal .
The Google Play Store is missing

9. RAM memory is almost full

This is truly coarse when you have respective different apps installed. The more apps you have installed ( and running ), the more RAM will be demanded from your device, which will in turn make it slower ( unless you have an highly high-end device ). This happens even more frequently when you have a fortune of apps with background features, so you don ’ metric ton evening notice them .
Our tip when it comes to this is to not trust apps that claim to eliminate all the apps running in the background ( more long-familiar as Task Killers ), since they will lone hinder the functionality of the apps that truly do need to run in the background ( and they have to run in the background, using RAM, to kill other apps ) .
The best thing you can do to clear RAM is to double-check all your installed apps, find which ones you don ’ thymine practice, and then uninstall them. You can besides look for the Memory yellow journalism on the Settings, where you ’ ll see which ones of your apps use the most RAM .

10. My downloads don’t finish!

One of the most common problems that Android users frequently face might seem to be minor, but it actually is a nuisance. sometimes, you ’ ll start a download on your device ( such as when using one of the best websites to download YouTube video or the websites to download games ), and finally realize it ’ s simply stick or failed.

This normally is an issue caused by Android ’ s own download coach, and you can typically fix this problem by performing however another cache clean !
Go to the Apps  yellow journalism in your Settings and look for the Downloads  app there. Clean its hoard and its data and then reboot the device. now, you should be able to download anything you want normally !

11. I can’t find my downloads

Anything and everything you download on an Android device ( early than apps from the Google Play Store, which are installed immediately ) is stored by default option in a system folder called Downloads. It actually couldn ’ thyroxine be any childlike, could it ?
well, this is one of the most coarse Android problems to afflict its newest versions, since the operate on system no longer has an in-built file director. That means that, if it was up to Google entirely, we wouldn ’ t have any access any to any of Android ’ second folders through the device. To access them, you would have to do it when connected to a personal computer .
fortunately, there are a set of different apps that workplace equitable so that you can manage and explore your folders and files at will. If you want a recommendation of what to use, you can well download ES File Explorer by following this link, and it should do the magic trick .
I can't find my downloads common Android problems

12. Video playback issues

If the native player on your Android smartphone is unable to play a video recording you ’ ve downloaded, we recommend that you download and install another television musician, preferably one that supports several unlike formats .
The one we recommend is MX Player, one of the most complete and easiest to use, which can be downloaded by following this liaison. The app in truth is great and it can run about all video recording formats you can imagine, and it besides works amazingly good with separate subtitle files .
Tip : find out here which ones are the best video recording download apps and the best television streaming services !

13. A malware got installed

The worst nightmare for any Android drug user is to incidentally end up installing malware on their device, even more so since the Play Store is not known for its thorough verification of the apps it hosts .
What we can recommend is that you constantly keep an eye on what the other users who have already installed the lapp app have said and how they ’ ve reviewed it, a well as never installing pirated apps and games that can easily be found on the internet, since they ’ re evening more prone to be infected .
A large issue when it comes to this, and this is what makes this one of the most park and most serious problems on Android is that it is not easy or straightforward to identify if there actually is malware on your earphone. The lone way to do so is to use one of the antivirus apps .
If the damage has already been done, we recommend that you use a trustworthy app to find and delete the malware. MalwareBytes is the best and most reliable alternatives, and it is detached to use on Android. Follow this connection to download it .

14. The SD card is no longer being identified

This can unfortunately be truly common in the life of anyone who uses SD cards. The beginning recommendation is that you constantly have a backup of all the files stored on the SD wag since when this happens it most likely needs to be reformatted. Before doing that, try rebooting your earphone and re-inserting the SD card, however .
If that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate work, you can reformat it through Android itself by going to the Storage tab on your Settings and choosing the Format SD Card choice, which should fix any issues you ’ ra having. however, if even this doesn ’ triiodothyronine do the trick for you, your calling card might be completely unfixable .
The SD card is no longer being identified common Android problems

15. The device won’t connect to the Wi-Fi

Believe it or not, this is a quite common happening in the Android problems sector that is probably to be caused by your router, and not because of your earphone. To find out, check on any other device that uses Wi-Fi ( laptops, consoles, etc ), and see if they ’ re properly connecting to the network and if the internet is working as it should on them .
If that ’ s the case, the problem might stem from the lead association between the router and your Android device in particular, which might happen much more frequently than you expect. Try turning the router off for at least 15 seconds and turning it back on to see if it is fixed .
This normally solves it, but should the problem stay, delete the Wi-Fi network from your Android device and boot it. then, select the correct net, type in the password for it barely like if you were connecting for the first time, and see if anything works, because, well, it should .
Tip : Check out which ones are the best apps to get absolve WiFi !

16. The Bluetooth or the mobile data is not working

early connectivity issues might happen to your Bluetooth or to your mobile data network. think of, they can plainly stop working. The first tone anyone should take to fix this is rebooting their telephone, which typically does work .
If it doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate, the future step is to turn on the Airplane Mode on your device for a few minutes, and when you turn it back off, everything should have gone back to normal functionality .

17. Text messages aren’t sending

Another very annoying occurrence when it comes to the coarse Android problems is trying to send a textbook message only to realize that it is not being sent. normally, this problem will be on your carrier ’ second end, so the best thing to do is to wait for everything to normalize .
however, there are a few things you can try, if you think the return is on your device : Try the airplane mood, as mentioned in the former incision, try rebooting your device, and, finally, try to download another app to send your messages .
Text messages aren't sending common Android problems
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18. App synchronization issues

many apps, such as Google Drive or Dropbox use synchronization so they can always be up to date on all message you have added to your account on your calculator or on your favorite web browser. The problem comes when this synchronization sport starts giving out errors .
normally, this is another of the most coarse Android problems that is related to your Wi-Fi network, but if everything is working perfectly, it might be one of two things :

  • The app is not working properly, in which case you should first check the Play Store if the app has any pending updates. If it doesn’t, it’s recommended to reinstall the app to try to fix the problem;
  • You aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network and the app is set to only synchronize when connected to a Wi-Fi network. If this is the case, check the settings to change it up!

19. The touchscreen is completely unresponsive

What ’ south worse than having the touch screen on your earphone go completely unresponsive to your touch ? This might happen due to a more serious write out, such as dropping your call, or if it falls into water, both scenarios in which only a telephone repair patronize can fix .
But, if nothing extreme point has happened to your device, it might barely be a irregular system error. To fix it, turn it off, leave it entirely for a few minutes, and, when you come back to it and turn it on, it is very probably to be working normally again .

20. Phone won’t charge

One of the worst problems that are quite common to happen to Android devices, and cause panic to smartphone owners, is that their phones won ’ thymine appoint. The first step is to check if both you charging brick and your cable are fully running and test with other chargers.

normally, the problem will be found on your charging cable, which can be very wear down and facing some issues. If that ’ s the case, replace the charger with a high-quality one. If the problem, however, is with all chargers you test, it is time to take your telephone to a haunt denounce .
Phone won't charge

Did you like our list of the most common Android problems?

We hope you ’ ve found the solution for the problems that are afflicting your device. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to besides check out our guides on what to do if your laptop north korean won ’ thyroxine go on, if your iPhone won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate turn on, find out the most common iPhone charging mistakes .

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