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ocular FoxPro Consultants to Meet Your Maintenance & Conversion Needs

We provide ocular FoxPro consult and growth, and all associate services for ocular FoxPro ( VFP ) and Microsoft SQL Server database systems. We utilize Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 for all of the Visual FoxPro projects that require a ocular FoxPro database. We besides use ocular FoxPro as the front to MS SQL 2016 .

Programming With Visual FoxPro

We can provide adept Visual FoxPro Database development across multiple platforms. Our expertness in custom-made Visual FoxPro development is the result of 32 years of have in Visual FoxPro world. Our team of Visual FoxPro consultants/developers derives its expertness in Visual FoxPro technology from their know in multiple projects in different industries .
Our team of Visual FoxPro consultants and developers derives its expertness in Visual FoxPro engineering from their experience on multiple projects. We developed custom applications for different industries making us your number one choice for maintaining deliver systems developed via Visual FoxPro a well as converting existing system to a supported model .

Why Visual FoxPro Systems Need to Be Converted

We wrote our first FoxBASE ( the original name of FoxPro ) program in 1985 and have kept current with this development cock through all its incarnations up to Visual FoxPro 9. Our company has developed many Visual FoxPro applications over the years and inactive maintains many of them. We ’ ve developed applications for a kind of different industries, and were involved in developing a wide accounting application for a major electrical distributor.

That having been said, Microsoft has chosen, after more than 30 years, to kill Visual FoxPro without providing a conduct replacement. frankincense, while we can still help you to maintain a ocular FoxPro developed system, our consultants can besides help you to convert your ocular FoxPro database and applications to web-based applications while using early modern design tools .

Visual FoxPro Conversion Tools

What tools and software do our Visual FoxPro consultants use to update your current systems ? We are besides experience and knowledgeable with the adopt :

We recommend that most of our clients convert an existing database from ocular FoxPro to web-based solutions with MS SQL as the back end for customs software development. This allows for greater scalability as your company grows. When using MS SQL database for the back end development, you get a significantly better solution than using dbf tables as in Visual FoxPro. MS SQL is more mighty and secured. This results in a better foundation for custom software and applications development .

Migrating Visual FoxPro with the .NET Platform

When it comes to legacy systems developed by Visual FoxPro consultants, the best platform for future enhancements is .NET – Microsoft ’ s most up-to-date developer model. Our ocular FoxPro consultants are besides knowing and know .NET developers, giving your company the best of both worlds – consultants who can not merely quickly create brawny web and mobile-based applications using a modern framework, but who besides understand the framework of your existing systems. The results are a arrangement that is :

  • Secure and stable with MS updates and support
  • Scalable to meet present and future business needs
  • Accessible to web and mobile users
  • Powerful in performance to meet your unique business needs

Our Custom Software Development Team Helps Convert Visual FoxPro to Web

Using the framework of Dot Net, C #, Alpha Anywhere, and MS SQL, our talented developers can help your company to enjoy the benefits of custom software development to meet your specific daily occupation needs.

You ’ ll besides want to enjoy the benefits of our one-of-a-kind report and question engine – Report Writer – a time-saving, project-driven software creature that we have developed to help both developers and end users alike .

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Visual FoxPro Website Development

Our ocular FoxPro Web Application Developers have wide have in Web Application Development using West Wind Web Connection ( Visual FoxPro ), JavaScript, Html5, and respective versions of Visual FoxPro on Windows .

Our report and query engine

For our application development we utilize our Report and Query engine Report Writer which is sold all over the earth .

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