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always wanted to fool your friends and make a prank shout ? Or equitable use a voice record changer application for audio effects ? real-time voice record changer are used for a number of reasons, including adding voiceovers to animations or part chats for games and other social media applications .
The voice changer apps on Android and iOS do n’t have enough potent functions, I would recommend downloading voice changer on the computer. One of the best real-time voice record changer software is iMyFone MagicMic, which supports man, Monster, Robot, Alien, Transformers, Chipmunks voice-changing choice, etc .

10 Best Real-time Voice Changer for Android and iOS

This real-time voice record changer is perfect for changing your voice on the go ! It not only allows you to change your voice immediately but besides enables you to add sound effects to enhance your content when bet on, chatting or livestreaming .
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magicmic youtube video

Key Features of iMyFone MagicMic

  • Change your voice in real-rime, you can besides set the keybind and switch your voice with 1 chink .
  • Can be used on Discord, Skype, Zoom, PUBG, LOL, CF, WOW, Second Life, Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch, Twitch, Xsplit, Streamlabs and many other platforms .
  • A huge collection of voice-changing effects, such as : Woman to Man, Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Robot, Alien, etc .
  • 190+ strait effects imitating people, animals, the environment, and so on .
  • low-cost monetary value : A free trial of this software is available ! pro version : $ 4.95/1 Month ; $ 19.9/1 Year ; $ 39.95/Life Time
  • Supported the Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 ( 64 spot OS ) /Windows 11 verison .

You can check out the voice demo below!
magicmic voice changer demo
play.svg 0:00 /0:02

2. Squeak Voice Changer

This easy-to-use application is ideal for novices. It has lots of fun and cool features that would help make your video exciting. All voice filters available are based on fun characters, which can be applied in no more than four easy steps ! Squeak Voice Changer not lone allows you to enhance your sound recording and add versatile audio effects, but you can besides share your content with your friends ! This application allows you to plowshare your audio files through SMS, WhatsApp a well as Facebook. Supported: Android 4.3 and up Price: The application is free for download. however, there are minor costs associated with in-app purchases. The average price for in-app purchases is $ 0.99 to $ 1.49 per item. squeak voice change

3. Funcall-Voice Changer and Recording

This application has multiple uses, offering the adeptness to make international phone calls, record these telephone calls adenine well as the option to add fishy and arouse voice effects. Funcall can be used if you want to prank a friend or relative and just to have a little harmless fun ! The lotion offers many background sounds that can make your calls entertaining. The clean and minimalist design helps to make the application user-friendly. Supported: io 9.0 or belated, Android 4.1 and up Price: The application is free of charge but offers diverse promotions from time to time for in-app purchases ampere well as some low-cost packages which are chiefly related to the international calling feature of the lotion. funcall voice changer and recording

4. Live Voice Changer – Prankcall

The Live Voice Changer lotion allows you to change your voice in real-time. You can now have fun fritter and pranking your friends while talking to them. You have the choice of using the opposite sex ‘s part and eleven other live voices that you can use. You can be Tom Cat and even Darth Vader using the alive Voice Changer application. The asset point of this application is that it is not only a voice record changer but a professional voice recorder as well. Supported: io 10.0 or later, Android 4.0.3 and up Price: The application is loose for download but offers in-app purchases. lvie voice changer prankcal

5. Voice Changer Plus

The Voice Changer Plus application will make commemorate and sharing fun and entertain, and it is not alone for talking. You can even sing, and that excessively using the voice effects from your front-runner bands ! The Voice Changer Plus gives you a choice of 55 different voice effects and background sounds. You can save and share your voice recordings with your friends. It even lets you layer different voices on previously saved recordings. The application is not only fun but besides easy-to-use and can be a bang-up informant of entertainment for you and your friends. Supported: io 11.0 or by and by, Android 4.0 and up Price: It is absolutely free to download ! however, like all applications, there are in-app purchases available for those you want to pay and get bounty features. voice changer plus

6. Real-Time Voice Changer Lite

The real-time Voice Changer Lite application allows you to record your articulation in unlike voices and listen to them in your earphones as the record is taking place. The application gives you the choice of three different voices. now you can create and share subject with your friends. You can use this easy and bare voice changer to add cool effects to your video recording or even audio. Supported: Android 2.3 and improving

Price: The lotion is free for downloading but offers diverse in-app purchases for ampere low as $ 0.99. real time voice changer lite

7. MagicCall

This playfulness application allows you to trick your friends by calling them and changing the voice in real-time. You can be a man, womanhood, child, and even a cartoon ! If you want to further mess with them, you can even use the voice-changing feature mid-call. The MagicCall Voice Changer application allows you to add audio emoticons, giving you options to add claps, smooches, and many more sounds during your call. You can “ up ” your call game by adding diverse background sounds such as the rain, dealings, and even a music concert. Supported: io 9.0 or late, Android 5.0 and improving Price: The application is dislodge to download but offers in-app purchases. magiccall

8. Change My Voice

This playfulness voice record changer helps you change your voice so much so that your friends and family would not be able to recognize you ! It is perfect for pranking person. You can use tone manipulate, adding respective repeat and chorus effects. This application gives you preset options. Hence it is perfect for those who are n’t experts. All changes made to the voice are instantaneous, so you get to know immediately what the impact of a tool is and if you want to change it or not. Supported: Android 1.6 and up Price: The application is release to download with in-app purchases. change my voice

9. Call Voice Changer- IntCall

Call Voice Changer has been labeled the ultimate application for making curious calls giving you the ability to make your voice high, funny, deep, and even chilling. All of this can be done by a single button ! You can besides add respective fathom effects to your call in between your call and add different background sound effects like cartoon characters, birthday songs, and even things in different languages. This is a perfect voice record changer for buffoonery calls, and you can now use it to fool your friends. Supported: io 9.0 or by and by Price: The application offers a release trial time period for 3 days, after which there are two options available to users ; a Pay As You Go design and a Subscription Plan, with the subscription period being one week. The application besides offers in-app purchases. intcall

10. PrankDial

PrankDial allows you to prank call your friends and loved ones and is meant to bring lots of laughter. The special have of this application is that it has prank calls saved, offering users more than 150 prank calls to use from. The application automates a call and talk to the person like a real person. You do not have to evening record your own voice ; PrankDial will create the content for you ! You choose hilarious buffoonery calls, as some of the classics, and trick your friends .
Supported: io 12.0 or belated, Android 4.4 and astir Price: You can download the application for release, and you get 3 release calls per day and diverse in-app purchase options. prankdial

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Detailed Guide on How to Use Best Real-time Voice Changer- iMyFone MagicMic

Step 1: Launch the Latest Version
beginning, you need to download and install the iMyFone MagicMic from the official web site. Make certain to download the latest version to have all the functions available .
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filme new project
Step 2: Set the Input Device
then select your real microphone as the remark device. Select your headphones as the output device .
filme voice changer
Step 3: Set the Output Device
then select your actual microphone as the input device. Select your headphones as the end product device .
filme voice recorder
Step 4: Choose Voice Effect

now you can click any voice impression in MagicMic and speak into your microphone to check if it actually change your voice .

Final Words

In this article, you nowadays know the circus tent 10 real-time voice record changer applications that can be used. You can besides know the price and where to download the applications from. Most of the applications are available for both Android and Apple users. The best voice changer is iMyFone MagicMic, which is offering the best features and easy-to-use platform .
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