10 Best AVI Players That Bring You the Real Home Cinema Experience

[Updated] Top 10 Best AVI Players for Windows 10/8/7 and Mac

AVI ( Audio Video Interleaved ) is a well-known multimedia container format created by Microsoft. AVI format uses less compression for storing video recording and sound recording data. Compared with MP4, AVI is more ample. due to its large file size, AVI is not frequently used in on-line stream .
Windows Media Player used to be the default AVI player for Windows. however, you may encounter “ Windows Media Player can not play the file… ” error message while playing an .avi charge. actually, the Windows Media Player AVI playback problem is chiefly caused by codec issues .
More and more video codecs are invented and began to be used in AVI files, like DviX, Xvid, DX50, MP4V, MPEG-4, etc. deplorably, Windows Media Player does not update to support those files, particularly in Windows 10. If you want to watch movies with .avi elongation, you need to use a better AVI player for Windows 10 and early versions .
AVI Player
AVI Player

Part 1: Top 5 Best AVI Players for Windows 10/8/7

fair as above mentioned, AVI files are no long associated with Windows Media Player. If you do not want to convert AVI files to MP4 before watching with WMP, you had better choose an AVI Windows Media Player alternative .
here are 5 amazing AVI player software that can play AVI files on Windows 10 smoothly. Just read and check

Top 1: AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player

AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player is an ultimate video player for personal computer and Mac. You can play Blu-ray movies, DVD disc/folder/ ISO double file and 4K/1080p HD television with impressive painting and sound choice. Of course, you can play all AVI television files on Windows without conversion here. The television player can bring you an impressive home plate field entertainment .
Thanks to the progress image technology, you can watch AVI video in wide screen mode on personal computer with the real high-resolution picture choice. furthermore, you can customize video effects, subtitles and audio tracks before watching AVI files on Windows. Furthermore, you can besides control AVI video playback with diverse options. In a password, you can get amazing sound and movie quality with the best AVI player for Windows .

  • 1. Play 4K/1080p HD video with H.265 codec for excellent visual experience.
  • 2. Adjust video effects such as hue, holiness, contrast, saturation and gamma within the AVI player software.
  • 3. Support surround sound 5.1 (Dolby Digital, DTS) to watch AVI videos with cinema-like audio quality.
  • 4. Select subtitles and audio tracks before playing AVI files.
  • 5. Choose scenes, take snapshots, adjust volumes and do other changes during AVI playback.
  • 6. The AVI video player works on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.7 or above.

How to Play AVI Files on Your Computer

Step 1: Free download, install and run Blu-ray Player on personal computer
Guide Screen
Step 2: Click “ Open File ” in the chief interface to add your AVI file to the AVI actor. Well, you can choose “ Open File ” from the “ File ” drop-down menu rather excessively .
Open Video File
Step 3: The AVI player will start playing the AVI video file mechanically after loading. You can click the rectangle picture on the lower right corner to enter into broad screen manner if necessary .
Play Video
Step 4: Click “ Audio ” on the lead toolbar of AVI actor on personal computer. You can adjust audio track, sound recording groove and audio device. What ’ s more, you can customize television track, subtitle track, deinterlace and screen door size based on your motivation from the “ Video ” drop-down menu .
Audio Video effect
Step 5: You can click the camera-like “ Screenshot ” icon near the bed to take a screenshot on the AVI video. Unfold the “ Tools ” list and choice “ Preferences ”. here you can adjust the finish folder and output format of the screenshot. Click “ OK ” to save changes .

Top 2: VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a global rid and open reservoir media player. If window Media Player fails to play AVI files, you can try VLC lightweight AVI video recording player rather. Because of the bang-up compatibility and easy operation, VLC ranks pretty high in Softonic and other download sites. Though you need to download VLC codec gang to play all AVI files. What ’ s more, you can apply video effects to AVI files with the VLC video recording editor program .
VLC Media Player

Top 3: KMPlayer

You can play AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, MOV, FLV, WebM and many other media files in high quality with KMPlayer 64X and KMPlayer 32. The AVI player offers video playback, subtitles and 3D playback. however, you may install KMPlayer bundleware during the frame-up march without notice. thus, if you want to get a clean AVI player, just be careful while installing KMPlayer .

Top 4: GOM Player

GOM Player is an overt generator and spare AVI actor for Windows 10 and other systems. You can even play a damaged AVI file or an AVI file being downloaded on personal computer. The GOM Player Subtitle library has collected movie subtitles for 10 years. thus, you can get subtitles in all formats and languages with facilitate. The merely thing you need to take care is that you should click “ Exit ” alternatively of “ X ” to exit AVI playback. Otherwise, your AVI television file may be corrupted .
GOM Player

Top 5: RealPlayer

You can play and manage all downloaded AVI files with RealPlayer, a well as MPG, MPEG, FLV and many early media files. Though RealPlayer free version has limited features. If you want to get extra features, you need to upgrade to access the AVI player wax interpretation .

Part 2: Top 5 Best AVI Players for Mac

QuickTime is the official Apple television player for playing AVI files on Mac. You can get basic features to edit, record, convert and partake AVI video recording files for release. however, QuickTime is slow in launching. During this time, you can try early new AVI players to play AVI files on Mac smoothly.

Top 1: Plex

If you encounter AVI won ’ thymine player mistake on Mac with QuickTime, you can use Plex to solve the trouble. You can play and stream AVI files with Plex for free effortlessly. The AVI actor for Mac supports assorted codecs without taking up lots of storage distance. Well, Plex is a lightweight and helpful Mac AVI player you can try .

Top 2: DivX

You can enjoy high-quality AVI video playback with DivX player on Mac. The AVI player for Mac allows users to play, convert and vomit AVI video files from Mac to television. The smooth FF/RW feature can help you navigate to any picture promptly. furthermore, you can get background black and windowpane fade features from the Mac AVI player .
Do not miss here to get the AVI players for Android .

Top 3: MPlayerX

MPlayerX is armed by FFmpeg and MPlayer. therefore, there is no want to install supernumerary plugins or codec packages. You can play AVI on Mac smoothly in high quality. In addition, you can control playback with the AVI file musician for Mac. It is besides supported to add subtitle seamlessly .

Top 4: 5K Player

5K Player can handle about all mainstream codecs for AVI format including XviD, DivX, DX50, etc. even though you can not play AVI files with QuickTime, you can run 5K Player to solve AVI file playback erroneousness absolutely. In addition, you can download AVI video with 5K Player besides .
furthermore, its streaming service enables the users to play DVD files on iPad, iPhone, Android, etc .
5K Player

Top 5: Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a multifunctional AVI player for Mac OS X/11/12. You can create and manage playlists for AVI files with special parameters. If you want to download AVI video from the world wide web or enter into the fully riddle mode, you need to activate its full moon version. What ’ s more, you need to install extra components to cache AVI video footage .
Elmedia Player

Part 3: FAQs of AVI Player

What can play AVI files ?
AVI is the multimedia container format developed by Mocrosoft, and Windows Media Player can play the AVI files. Besides, some third-party player like VLC, 5K Player, ANyMP4 Blu-ray Player, and so forth, can besides play AVI vidoes .
Can Windows 10 dally AVI ?
Yes. All you need to do is the double-click the AVI file and play it via Windows Media Player on Windows 10 calculator .
How do I download an AVI file ?
For downloading the AVI files, you will need to the AVI downloader .
Why QuickTime doesn ’ t play AVI ?

QuickTime doesn ’ t digest to play AVI files. If you want to play your AVI video using QuickTime, you can convert AVI to other formats that compatible with QuickTime actor, like MOV, MP4, M4V .
All in all, if you do not want to use a AVI to MP4 converter to solve AVI playback erroneousness in Windows Media Player or QuickTime, you can get a new AVI player from above 10 choices. Both Windows and Mac users can find the satisfying consequence to play AVI files hera .
If you want to get an all-in-one media player, AnyMP4 Blu-ray Player should be your first option. It is more than a simple AVI video recording player. You can play all kinds of media files in the market with the latest Blu-ray engineering and music reproduction. The ultimate television player software will always bring the astute and smooth playback to you .

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