5 Best Stopwatch Software For Windows 10

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here ’ s a list of 5 best stopwatch software for Windows 10. Windows 10 is the latest interpretation of the Microsoft ’ randomness operating system to be hitting the storehouse shelves. today I decided to check which stopwatch software out there will work better with the release technical preview of Windows 10 that ’ mho available for download. Software that I tested ranges in functionality from very childlike to very advanced .
Let ’ s see what I found .

Free Stopwatch

best stopwatch software windows 10

Free Stopwatch is stopwatch software for Windows 10 which supports lap meter measure, export to text documents, metronome ( ticks every second ) and more .
It has windowed work manner, which can be seen on the screenshot above, but besides floating stopwatch mode ( where only the stopwatch can be seen in a little float window ) and fullscreen work mode ( where the stopwatch takes up the entire screen ). It ’ sulfur besides possible to print results to newspaper, straight from the app .
Get Free Stopwatch.

MultTtrack Stopwatch

best stopwatch software windows 10 2

MultTtrack Stopwatch requires a snatch of working around ( it will ask you to download extra Windows features on an out of the box installation of Windows 10 ), but after some pluck, everything worked great for me .
This stopwatch software lets you keep track of clock time for up to 10 different events individually. It can be for 10 racers at once, or for 1 racer for 10 laps, ( poster that each occupation has its own Start-Stop button ). Timer resolution can be changed ( 0.1 and 0.01 resolutions are available ). export to TXT makes it easy to export clock times .
Get MultTtrack Stopwatch .
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Cool Timer

best stopwatch software windows 10 3

Cool Timer is actually three apps rolled into one. It can be an alarm clock, a countdown timer and a stopwatch with split time measuring capabilities .
By default, the app works as a countdown timekeeper. Left click on the bring mood in the buttocks right recess to turn on the stopwatch mode. Use the controls underneath the timer to start-stop the timer, measurement lick times ( in a new window ), access settings and more .
Get Cool Timer .

XNote Stopwatch

best stopwatch software windows 10 4

XNote Stopwatch is a portable stopwatch software for Windows 10, which besides doubles as a desktop clock and countdown timer .
By default, it works as a stopwatch, but by clicking on the More button, you open up a menu where it ’ s possible to switch between the countdown timer and clockwork modes. Stopwatch is very simplistic, there ’ s no lap traverse, exports or anything like that. only blockage and reset buttons are available .
Get XNote Stopwatch .
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best stopwatch software windows 10 5

Stopwatch is even more bare than XNote Stopwatch. It doesn ’ t have any kind of advanced features, entirely the standard stopwatch functionality is available.

To start the stopwatch, snap on the Start button. Once it ’ second carry, Start release will turn into a Stop button. entirely other option that ’ s available is the Always On Top check mark .
Get Stopwatch .


I in truth like the fact that XNote and Cool Timer have early features, adjacent to being identical advance stopwatch software, one that ’ s wholly supported by Windows 10. Try them out and let me know which software you think is best in comments down below .

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