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More productive dial sessions. More effective calls.

PhoneBurner is potent outbound telemarketing software developed to help agents and teams connect with more people, and make better connections .
That starts with our power dialer, which offers telemarketing teams inexhaustible baron dial and a host of bang-up features. Agents reach 447 percentage more contacts per hour, and spend more time talking to live prospects. All without any “ telemarketer delay. ” No awkward pauses means calls start off on the justly foot. Plus, enjoy dramatically higher answer rates with our local ID feature .
Our chopine besides allows agents to leave pre-recorded voicemails and send personalized emails in a single chink. With our built-in CRM ( Salesforce and 100+ integrations besides available ) you can easily manage contacts, mechanically log calls, cut communication history and activity, and much more .

Managing a telemarketing team, made easy

PhoneBurner ’ s sales and telemarketing calling solution includes potent tools for sales managers, such as :

  • Call read
  • Call traverse
  • real-time and historical report
  • Automated, intelligent lead distribution
  • call transmit
  • local anesthetic ID
  • And more

Use these tools to manage and track your agent ‘s productivity and performance, buttocks coach needs, and campaign greater lead utilization and sales likely. PhoneBurner is a full-bodied telemarketing calling solution hailed by managers and agents alike for its features and still of use .
Your coach dashboard gives you the administrative control you need to :

Tired of wasting prison term getting agents set up and ready for dialing ? Our content shape feature helps you update existing accounts or configure newfangled ones in minutes by sharing :

  • call scripts
  • Emails and electronic mail templates
  • Dispostion sets
  • Documents
  • And more

The energy feature of speech of our content configuration means less long-winded subject and shape solve for you and your team, so agents can begin telemarketing to sales leads about immediately .
Plus, with LeadStream you can effortlessly push leads into your agentive role ‘s accounts according to highly customizable sets of rules. You determine who gets leads, how many, in which holy order, how to recycle unworked leads so they do n’t go cold, and much more .

Motivate your team to perform

competition is a natural depart of sales. PhoneBurner allows your team to engage in some friendly competition in the workplace with our real-time leaderboard monitor. Leaderboards can highlight different achievements, such as spill prison term, calls made, concern prospects, and early goal-driven metrics.

Broadcast your self-updating, real-time leaderboard in your office or call room, and let agents compete for bragging-rights or rewards. It ‘s a bang-up way to motivate your staff and improve results .

Any size team. No setup fees. 100% free trial.

PhoneBurner is telemarketing software for small business, enterprise clients, and everything in between. Our software is built to effortlessly scale to your needs and to grow with you. Add and remove seats as needed, manage everything from one account – our dialer software ‘s comprehensive examination, however simple-to-use management tools help teams succeed and perform at their best .
Start a no-credit card free trial — with as many seats as you need — and experience the results firsthand .

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